Far Beyond Driven Songs Ranked

Far Beyond Driven is the seventh studio album by American heavy metal band Pantera, released on March 22, 1994 by East West Records. Pantera’s fastest-selling album, peaked at number 1 on the Billboard 200 and was certified Platinum by the RIAA. The album was also certified Platinum by the Canadian Recording Industry Association. Far Beyond Driven is the first album by Pantera where the band’s guitarist Darrell Abbott is credited as “Dimebag Darrell”, having changed his nickname from “Diamond Darrell” soon after Vulgar Display of Power was released. The Japanese and the Driven Downunder Tour ’94 Souvenir Collection editions contain a bonus thirteenth track, “The Badge”, a Poison Idea cover. This cover was also featured on The Crow soundtrack. Here are all of Far Beyond Driven’s songs ranked.

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12. Good Friends and a Bottle of Pills

“`Good Friends And A Bottle Of Pills’ is an interesting experimental track – it is a bit fillerish but still has some nice bass and drum grooves.”

11. 25 Years

“A slower song, but still nevertheless HEAVY!! I love the beginning riff, its melodic and smooth, and very, VERy catchy. After about thirty seconds, Rex’s bass skills are really showcased. The guitar gets a little odd, but still its a good song.”

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10. Throes of Rejection

“`Throes Of Rejection’ opens with a signature Dime guitar melody over pounding bass. The chorus on this one is especially floor shaking when Phil screams `REJECTION!'”

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9. Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks

“Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks’ is a sprawling epic with plenty of abrupt tempo changes. Theres some atmospheric moments although I feel as though the track could do to be a little shorter than its 7 minute run time.”

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8. Use My Third Arm

“`Use My Third Arm’ is another good track with lyrics about the police and the law misusing force. It contains more deep riffs with some surprising dissonant chords thrown in. The band often fly into some racing sections with thrashing beats.”

7. Planet Caravan

“What a great finale to a GREAT album. Compared to the five songs before it, this song is one that will make you swoon and sway back and forth. Very soft, and Dimebag’s solo at the end is worth the CD price.”

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6. Slaughtered

“A very catchy song, the beginning of a five heavy song stretch…. I love Phils deep scream and roar, and it really is showcased on this song, when he screams, “SLAUGHTERED!” I was pretty amazed at how heavy the song got right at the end, it made me literally want to get up and mosh with myself. Yes, I would say the heaviest song on the CD.”

5. Shedding Skin

“`Shedding Skin’ has some great catchy rhythms and some unusual clean guitar interludes. Phil Anselmo mixes up a good mixture of hardcore vocals with some powerful cutting whispers.”

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4. Strength Beyond Strength

“The first track on the album is also the fastest. Phil just spits out the lyrics fast enough to make a rapper bow his head in respect. It is a high energy and low pitched opener with some express paced verse lines. The middle section is slower with a powerful grinding feel; Dime plays out some great melody lines.”

3. Becoming

“An excellent opening riff with shrieking guitar notes paves the way to a bloodcurdling chorus with crunching chords. Another fast track that is more of a standout track for Vinnie. At the end of this song, Vinnie’s ridiculously fast drumming makes you want to go out and buy a drumset.”

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2. 5 Minutes Alone

“`5 Minutes Alone’ is slower with some great instrumental melodies. The verses are classic Pantera with low punchy chords coupled with Phil’s aggressive growls! `I’m Broken’ contains one of Dime’s best riffs setting up a great song. Dime often makes himself sound like two guitarists in harmony during his solo.”

1. I’m Broken

“`I’m Broken’ contains one of Dime’s best riffs setting up a great song. Dime often makes himself sound like two guitarists in harmony during his solo.”