Fireball Songs Ranked

Fireball is the fifth album by English rock band Deep Purple, released in 1971 and the second with the Mk II line-up. It was recorded at various times between September 1970 and June 1971. It became the first of the band’s three UK No. 1 albums, though it did not stay on the charts as long as its predecessor, Deep Purple in Rock. Even though the album has sold over a million copies in the UK, it has never received a certification there. The album was the first one Deep Purple worked on after establishing their career with In Rock, which had been a critical and commercial success, staying on the charts for over a year. Because of this, the group was in continual demand for live concerts, which began to affect band members’ health. Keyboardist Jon Lord suffered back problems (dating back to his days in The Artwoods when he had to transport a Hammond organ to gigs without the assistance of a road crew), and bassist Roger Glover had stomach problems which prevented him from performing live on several occasions. Guitarist Ritchie Blackmore felt he had been vindicated by the decision to concentrate on hard rock, and believed the group’s success was large because of him. This led to increasing conflict with singer Ian Gillan and the relationship between the two began to become strained. Here are all of Fireball’s songs ranked.

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7. Anyone’s Daughter

“”Anyone’s daughter” – giving equal room to keyboard and guitar solos and humorous lyrics, this is one of Deep Purple’s best songs of all time. While mostly ignored, it’s an amazing showcase for the band’s ability to put together catchy, fun music, and for Lord and Blackmore’s terrific instrumental skills – not in playing faster and faster, but in playing good music. Sadly, this is one of the short tracks on the album – if only this had been giving an extended, 10 minute treatment!”

6. No One Came

“No one came” is another example of the band’s humor coming to the fore. “No one came for miles around, and said ‘Man, your music is really hot'”. The fun, clever lyrics are the centerpiece of this song; the music is good, but not outstanding, and the solos are flat. But the lyrics make up for it.”

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5. The Mule

“This song has a lot MORE music to it, than it does vocals. Again, there is more heavy organ music here. This song is good & it also appears on the 1973 “Made In Japan” live album. The Mule, which features great interplay between Glover and Paice”

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4. No No No

“This song is pretty good, even if it’s not too uplifting of a song. Some pretty good organ here, too. “No No No” is similar, raunchy and angry, with superb vocals from Gillan.”

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3. Demon’s Eye

“Demon’s eye” is a solid rock song, of particular note for its keyboard solos.  “Demon’s Eye” is where things get a bit slower, but it still rocks. “Demon’s Eye” is an excellent mid-paced rocker.”

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2. Fools

“To me, the tour de force track on Fireball is clearly ‘Fools’ I listened to that song over and over until my ears bled. To me, this makes ‘Fools’ is one of the most unique and overlooked masterpieces in the annals of hard rock. I really love the slow tempo w/ the wood blocks, maracas, cello (which I really love), throughout the MIDDLE part & then the heavy organ to CLOSE the song. “

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1. Fireball

“‘Fireball’ is fast and furious but still retains a chimey and enjoyable 60s psychedelic sound with Jon Lord’s keyboard playing. It has a very fast paced beat w/ some heavy organ music. I like this opening song very much.”