In This Moment Albums Ranked

In This Moment is an American rock band from Los Angeles, California, formed by singer Maria Brink and guitarist Chris Howorth in 2005. They found drummer Jeff Fabb and started the band as Dying Star. Unhappy with their musical direction, they changed their name to In This Moment and gained two band members, guitarist Blake Bunzel and bassist Josh Newell. In 2005, bassist Newell left the band and was replaced by Jesse Landry. Throughout their career, the band has performed on several notable tours and festivals including Ozzfest in 2007 and 2008; Warped Tour in 2009; Download Festival in 2009, 2013, and 2018; Mayhem Festival in 2010; Music as a Weapon V tour in 2011; Uproar Festival in 2012; Rock on the Range in 2012, 2013, and 2015; Carnival of Madness tour in 2013; Knotfest in 2014; Rockfest and Rocklahoma in 2015; Carolina Rebellion in 2018; Louder Than Life in 2017 and 2019; Aftershock in 2014 and 2017; and Welcome to Rockville in 2013, 2015, 2017, and 2019. Here are all of In This Moment’s albums ranked.

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7. Mother (2020)

Mother | JB Hi-Fi

“A good album and a phenomenal cover of We Will Rock You with some of the best frontwomen in the rock/metal scene, and as a huge ITM & The Pretty Reckless fan it was nice seeing them sing on the same song. Though it’s good, it’s not what I’m used to, as ITM is a band who gives energy when most of this was kind of soft or calmer.”

6. A Star-Crossed Wasteland (2010)

In This Moment - A Star-Crossed Wasteland Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

“Like it’s predecessor, the music here is Alternative Metal. There are also quite a few moments of raw Metalcore, where the band tries to display it’s powerful and ‘gnarly’ side. It works really well together. It’s pretty much very similar to “The Dream”, but I would say it’s even a bit more raw and heavier – a move that places this album a bit closer to their debut album, “Beautiful Tragedy”. But all in all – it’s much more like “The Dream” than it is “Beautiful Tragedy”. Frankly I like all three of these early In This Moment albums about equally, when all is said and done.”

5. Ritual (2017)

Ritual - Keltainen Jäänsärkijä

“I’ve been following In This Moment for several years now, ever since first hearing the Blood album. Ritual goes down as my favorite album by this band. The musicality and intricacy of themes captured me instantly and I listen to this album on a regular basis now. It’s also really good for doing workouts.”

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4. The Dream (2008)

The dream | In This Moment CD | EMP

“Almost every track on this album has very catchy hooks, especially for the choruses. This is hard for many bands to accomplish but “In This Moment” strive for radio-friendly, emotionally involved songs, and acheive this goal. The production is tight, clean, colorful, and some of the songs truly move the radio-oriented listener, especially fans of Evanescence or Linkin Park. The only draw-backs are the verses are very hard to internalize and seem like placeholders for all the choruses. In addition, the guitar riffs are very “stock” as well as the drum beats. There is nothing original or unique about the music. But for the songs as a whole, this album fits the genre very nicely.”

3. Beautiful Tragedy, (2007)

Pin on Portadas de Discos

“Maria Brink has a fantastic voice. She sings in two distinctive styles. She has the typical Metalcore screaming going on – but also has a very melodic and beautiful voice which sometimes reminds me of Cristina Scabia from Lacuna Coil. The music on here is Melodic Metalcore but there is quite a bit of Alternative Metal here too – it’s not just Melodic Metalcore at all. The Alternative Metal acts as a ‘softener’ for what would otherwise be a VERY heavy album. It almost sounds as if Shadows Fall had a baby with Lacuna Coil.”

2. Black Widow (2014)

Black Widow- In This Moment

“I really do like the direction that In This Moment went with this album. It takes the sound that was found on Blood and brings it to its logical conclusion. I really see this album as being right home the industrial metal explosion of the mid to late 90s. I’m a huge fan of that era so I really like the sound here. This album also has a huge amount of tongue in cheek goth metal inserted in as well. Also once again Maria Brink demonstrates that she has probably one the best singing voices of any one in Metal, or even music, at the moment. She has a great amount of versatility and power to her vocals, that aren’t lost even in live performances.”

1. Blood (2012)

In This Moment - Blood (Deluxe Edition) | RECORD STORE DAY

“This is a very surprising album with which I was convicted about the things that I believe, and think that the church would learn from this album also. I also think that their culmination from all their other albums into this album hits a pinnacle that you cannot do musically without going through all the other things that they went through to make this album work. There were a lot of tough life situations that made this album much more as it is than it would have been without them. I like where they went, and all the buttons that they push by singing in the way Maria does. The timing of the screams in this album is key if you want to understand it on a deeper level musically and spiritually.”