In Trance Songs Ranked

In Trance is the third studio album by German rock band Scorpions and it was released by RCA Records in 1975. The music was a complete departure from the progressive krautrock of the two previous albums. Instead, a hard rock sound of shorter and tighter arrangements with which the band would achieve their later global success and fame emerged. Extended suites in the vein of songs such as “Lonesome Crow” and “Fly to the Rainbow” are absent altogether. It is the first album by the band to contain the now-famous logo and controversial artwork. The original version of the album cover–photographed by Michael von Gimbut was censored for clearly showing the cover model’s exposed breast hanging down towards the guitar. Later releases blacked out the breast so that it is not visible. This is the first of many Scorpions album covers to have been censored. The band’s former lead guitarist Uli Jon Roth claimed he may have “come up with the idea to do the thing with the guitar for the cover of In Trance“. Here are all of In Trance’s songs ranked.

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10. Night Lights

“Night Lights” is a mellow instrumental highlighted by Roth’s emotional guitar lines that closes the album. This is a gem from the Scorpions and if you enjoy great metal from its early years, this is worth the purchase.”

9. Longing for Fire

“Longing for Fire” is a strong melodic rocker that Rudolf Schenker writes so well and Francis Buchholz has a great counter bassline in this one.”

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8. Robot Man

“Robot Man reminds me of one old Japanese movie where a Giant Robot protected the world. Vocalist Klaus Meine’s vocals are also top notch here. He had a great voice, one of the best ever in hard rock, and he puts it to good use here.”

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7. Sun in My Hand

 “Sun in My Hand” is a cool tune penned and sung by Roth that could have fit in on Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland. Sun in my Hand is about music itself and Uli Jon Roth singing and playing to it in full tribute. “

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6. Evening Wind

“Uli’s execution is brilliant, being technically adept but also tasteful and emotive. Check out the solo on Evening Wind for what this means. Evening Wind starts out all epic and sprawling but they keep it down to 5 minutes (sounds like shades of Lonesome Crow).”

5. Top of the Bill

“This album takes a bit more getting used to, but once you do you will find yourself repeatedly enjoying one of the most very innovative and exquisite hard rock albums of all time.”

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4. Living and Dying

“Living and Dying is about the harsh life of living in an industrial city. That song is also a dark Blues anthem in such remarkable style. The moody Living And Dying might have an underlying nod to Sabbath.”

3. Life’s Like a River

“Life’s Like a River is a song that deals with one facing age. I beleive that it is about Beethoven for the lyrics state “silence becomes your friend” and Beethoven was deaf with him writing his best music when he was deaf.”

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2. Dark Lady

“Dark Lady” is a wicked opener highlighted by Roth’s kamikaze guitar solos (think Jimi Hendrix on steroids) with some vocal drama from Klaus Meine combined with Roth’s own lead vocals. Uli Jon Roth is the Ginger Baker of heavy metal (super talented musician whose vocal stylings were not his strong suit). “

1. In Trance

“The song ‘in trance’ should still be played today by the band. why it’s not is beyond me. This is not the same as their 1979 period of tunes but it’s still great and you should own it.”