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Jessica Hannah Glynne (born 20 October 1989) is an English singer and songwriter. After signing with Atlantic Records, she rose to prominence in 2014 as a featured artist on the singles “Rather Be” by Clean Bandit and “My Love” by Route 94, both of which reached number one in the UK. She has been considered one of the “Most Influential People Under 30” by Forbes magazine in 2019. Her debut studio album, I Cry When I Laugh (2015), debuted at number one on the UK Albums Chart and saw the international success of the singles “Hold My Hand” and “Don’t Be So HardYourself”. Glynne’s second studio album, Always in Between (2018), also debuted at number one in the UK and saw continued success with the singles “I’ll Be There”, “These Days”, “All I Am”, “Thursday” and “One Touch”; the first of these made Glynne the first British female solo artist to have seven number-one singles on the UK Singles Chart, beating Cheryl with 5. Glynne has achieved multiple accolades throughout her career, including a Grammy Award and nine Brit Award nominations. Here are all of Jess Glynne’s songs ranked.

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10. I’ll Be There (Always In Between, 2018)

“I first saw this singer on a weekend morning show and am glad I did. She has a lovely and unusual voice, almost slipping into a gentle yodel at time, but appropriate for the song. Give it a listen.”

9. Take Me Home (I Cry When I Laugh, 2015)

“Jesse belts out this song with guts and aims for glory. This is one of the songs I put on when I need that extra little push to make it through a rough week.”

8. Hold My Hand (I Cry When I Laugh, 2015)

“Every time I hear this beautiful song, It means something more to me than it did before. Such deep emotional nuances in the tones and sounds of the voice and instruments combined to make this song perfection. I connect with it on a deep emotional level.”

I Cry When I Laugh - Album by Jess Glynne | Spotify

7. Real Love (New Eyes, 2014)

“Clean Bandit/Jess Glynne had a great song in “rather be” in 2014. this song “real love” is just as good and has an excellent beat. it makes you want to get up and dance…well, it is filed under dance music… her voice is sultry, but super clear with great high notes and lows. i can see that this is real… is right on the money… great song and lyrics.”

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6. Home (I Cry When I Laugh, 2015)

“That way the vocals and beat match up so well is amazing. Great voice and great beat. I really want to see a vid up of Jess doing something live.”

5. Not Letting Go (YOUTH, 2017)

“Any song Jess Glynne has featured on (and even her solo stuff) instantly gives me summer vibes. This is a wicked tune, and it will definitely be played all summer long!!”

Always in Between by Jess Glynne Reviews and Tracks - Metacritic

4. My Love (I Cry When I Laugh, 2015)

“The club version sounded so self-indulgent and lusty. This one is so sweet and touching and made me cry. I love her so much, I could listen to her for hours, her voice is angelic. She is inspirational, and she does it effortlessly. I want to hug her and let her know how amazing she is.”

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3. Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself (I Cry When I Laugh, 2015)

“One of the most underrated artists in our generation. Been listening to her non-stop during this pandemic. There’s something about her voice that soothes me. And her lyrics in this song is 100% helping me with my anxiety.”

2. Right Here (I Cry When I Laugh, 2015)

“I love the video, I love this song. Her style should stay exactly like this. I could listen to this to either chill or have a huge party.”

Jess Glynne – Right Here Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

1. Rather Be (New Eyes, 2014)

“”Rather Be” is such a jubilant anthem that is certainly a highlight in the vast scheme of 2014 pop music. Both Clean Bandit and Jess Glynne put their all into the track, and it really shows. The tone is set well in every element of the song; “Rather Be” celebrates the innocent desire to spend more time with one’s lover.”