Keith Urban Songs Ranked

Keith Lionel Urban AO (born 26 October 1967) is an Australian singer, songwriter, and record producer. Born in New Zealand, he grew up in Australia and in 1991, he released a self-titled debut album, charting four singles in Australia before moving to the United States the following year. He found work as a session guitarist before starting a band known as The Ranch, which recorded one studio album on Capitol Nashville and charted two singles on the US billboard hot Country Songs chart. Urban is also known for his roles as a coach on the Australian version of the singing competition The Voice and as a judge on American Idol. In October 2013, Urban introduced his own signature line of guitars and accessories. In May 2020, Keith Urban hosted a drive-in concert for medical workers. His latest gig was mostly just him and two other musicians playing on a flatbed truck in front of about 125 cars. Urban played at the Stardust Drive-In movie theatre, about 60 km east of Nashville, Tennessee, for a crowd of more than 200 medical workers from Vanderbilt Health. Here are all of Keith Urban songs ranked

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20. We Were Us (Fuse, 2013)

“Squarely between the classic love song and breakup tune, We Were Us sits alone as a song about a couple who have already broken up but still pine for each other. It’s not 100% clear from the song whether they want to get back together or just remember their time together as amazing – it lets the listener project how they want that to go.”

19. Raise Em’ Up (Fuse, 2013)

“I really wasn’t sure how this song would sound, but was pleasantly surprised! I wasn’t sure how Eric Church and Keith Urban’s voices would meld since Eric has such a unique voice, but they harmonize beautifully! Not only is the sound great, but I also love the actual lyrics; something everyone can relate to.”

18. You Look Good in My Shirt (Golden Road, 2002)

“This song rocks! Anyone who has seen Keith in concert knows that this song is always a favorite and Keith brings such energy to his performance of it. The original song is absolutely wonderful but with this new recut version, Keith is able to capture the energy and excitement he brings to the live show! “

17. The Fighter (Ripcord, 2016)

“If you like one of his songs, you will like them all. The duets (Lambert & Underwood) are are not contrived. Great lyrics. Fun stuff. He is an amazing guitar player (see his other songs). I’m not a “modern” country music fan, but this is great stuff.”

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16. Til Summer Comes Around (Defying Gravity, 2009)

“Seriously…how could anyone not be mesmerized by this song…its such beautiful song I get lost every time I hear this song. A true masterpiece..I recommend it to anyone who loves slow romantic songs and who loves keith and his voice…you’ll see why I love this song so much!”

15. Making Memories of Us (Be Here, 2004)

“This song is one of the most beautiful love songs ever. I don’t know if I’ve ever listened to it without at least a little mist in my eyes.. ….and I don’t even like country music”

14. I Told You So (Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing, 2006)

“I have always loved this song! I don’t think it got enough playtime back when it came out! Love it and Keith Urban. Ironically, I’m listening to it now! We know each other better than we think we do.”

13. But for the Grace of God (Keith Urban, 1999)

“Love all Keith Urban music. This is an oldie but goodie!! Such a great song … love it! Keith urban rocks and has great talent. Super listening for you and me.”

12. Somewhere In My Car (Fuse, 2013)

“Just an all around great song. Great beat,guitar & of course the vocals. Keith Urban never leaves you disappointed in his music & all the songs never sound a like. One of the saddest but most awesome songs! Definitely one of the top songs to two step to, very few can beat this!”

11. For You (Act of Valor: The Album, 2012)

“Such a beautiful song about the brotherhood that forms between military members. I love this song and it has such a deep meaning.”

10. Days Go By (Days Go By, 2005)

“I love this song’s lyrics as well as it’s great beat. Very uplifting song to listen to and a reminder to live life to its fullest every day! This his song in particular is very upbeat, with a great message. Awesome driving song.”

9. Little Bit of Everything (Fuse, 2013)

“He has a way with words and music and this is no exception…its a feel good song and it makes me smile everytime I hear it even after a long and difficult day. I don’t want a whole lot of anything…just a little bit of everything.”

8. Stupid Boy (Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing, 2006)

“Awesome piece of music. My first piece of Urban’s stuff. Not disappointed. Although I am pretty much an Alternative Rock fan, this still moved me. In addition to his writing skills and singing, he’s a great player too!!”

7. Tonight I Wanna Cry (Be Here, 2004)

“Love this song, I don’t live a good life, and this song always makes me cry. It has a beautiful sad melody. The emotion in the lyrics is so heart wrenching and the piano at the beginning is just amazing!”

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6. You’ll Think of Me (Golden Road, 2002)

“This song absolutely for those who wanna move on yet can’t forget about their love and feeling. I really enjoy every single word in this song. My favourite song ever and I mean it it is so good and Keith urban is so passionate when he sings this song.”

5. Long Hot Summer (Get Closer, 2010)

“I love this song, it is so upbeat and happy, perfect for listening while you are driving around with your windows down. I enjoyed the rhythm of this song and Keith Urban’s voice is nice on my ears.”

4. Cop Car (Fuse, 2013)

“Keith Urban has many fantastic songs on his latest album, and this is one of them. I was able to get this before it was being played 2+ times a day on the radio, and it was magical. Would definitely recommend for Keith fans or modern country fans.”

3. Blue Ain’t Your Color (Ripcord, 2016)

“I love Keith Urbans music, his voice and his upbeat rhythms. I have many favorites, But the first time I heard this song I knew this was his best song”

2. Kiss a Girl (Defying Gravity, 2009)

“I fell in love with a girl. She likes Keith Urban. So, I checked out his songs again. I had heard “Kiss a Girl” before, but now it has a deeper meaning associated with my love. The tune is upbeat and makes me want to dance with her.”

1. Somebody Like You (Golden Road, 2002)

“I am not a country music avid. Keith Urban’s song just absolutely captured my attention to this gender. I heard it my accident and could not live without listening to it as many times as I wished. Beautiful song.”