Kenny G Songs Ranked

Kenneth Bruce Gorelick (born June 5, 1956), known professionally as Kenny G, is an American jazz saxophonist. His 1986 album, Duotones, brought him commercial success. Kenny G is one of the best-selling artists of all time, with global sales totaling more than 75 million records. Kenny G’s career started with a job as a sideman for Barry White’s Love Unlimited Orchestra in 1973; he was 17 and still in high school. He continued to play professionally while studying for a major in accounting at the University of Washington in Seattle and graduated Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude. He played with the funk band Cold, Bold and Together before becoming a credited member of The Jeff Lorber Fusion. He began his solo career after his period with Lorber. Here are all of Kenny G songs ranked.

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20. Theme from Dying Young (Dying Young, 1991)

“I absolutely love this music. Kenny G performs this music beautifully, and though I’m not generally a fan of jazz, I have loved this particular piece of music for years, so much so that I bought a Kenny G CD. Many of the songs/pieces are familiar and I love the interpretation that Kenny G gives. I highly recommend this for anyone who loves Kenny G or beautiful, melodic melody. This is an instrumental, no voices, one of my favorites.”

19. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Miracles: The Holiday Album, 1994)

“This song Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, I have loved for years! I especially like this version because it is Kenny G’s version. Since I like Kenny G so much, I listen to this song all year…not just at Christmas. No one can play this song quite like Kenny G!”

18. Ocean Breeze (Paradise, 2002)

“This album will tell you you’re special through its notes and melody. It’s helped me get a better sleep at night, and has improved my mood during the day.”

17. Innocence (The Moment, 1996)

“These songs by Kenny G gives me peace and renews my spirit with strength to get through some of my more difficult challenges of life!”

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16. Careless Whisper (At Last…The Duets Album, 2004)

“I prefer the original. But this one wasn’t bad and I bought this for a friend who wanted this version. The original is way better though.”

15. Besame Mucho (Rhythm & Romance, 2008)

“If you have a kind of Latino soul, or even if you don’t, but you consider yourself a crazy romantic, you can not miss this one. Just marvelous! ‘Besame Mucho’ my favorite!”

14. My Heart Will Go On (Kenny G – Greatest Hits, 1997)

“It brought tears to my eyes in the Movie “Titanic” and it continues to touch my heart every time I hear it. Of course, I love anything Kenny G does.”

13. Going Home (The Collection, 1990)

“I have never had quite that beautiful a reaction to a song before… but Going Home by Kenny G… I have literally told my family when I die I want it played at my funeral… but that is about me… why would you enjoy it… the music is haunting… it will wrap around you and soothe and move you… I very much encourage you to listen to it just once with headphones on when you are all alone and can lose yourself in the music…”

12. Peruvian Nights (Rhythm & Romance, 2008)

“This music is gorgeous and stirring, played with so much heart. Very much for mature tastes, no matter how old you are. Kenny knocked it out of the park with this one.”

11. The Promise (Heart and Soul, 2010)

“The acoustics are glorious; the horn sounds are almost magical. The best of what makes Kenny G. I am normally not a jazz lover. I was looking for something else: light and soulful, and this became my first CD of Kenny G. I loved it and I love it still, never get bored to hear it again and again.”

10. Love on the Rise (Gravity, 1985)

“This Kashif-produced track was a hit in 1985! Kenny G worked with Kashif a lot in the early 80’s. Gravity” offers a nice mix of uptempo Jazz-Funk, mainstream R&B and Jazz Fusion.”

9. Don’t Make Me Wait for Love (Duotones, 1986)

“The best Kenny G single by a decent margin, mainly because it’s a pleasant if boring pop vocal number instead of (yet another) snoozy smooth-jazz instrumental. And this from someone who loves instrumentals.”

8. Auld Lang Syne (Faith: A Holiday Album, 1999)

“Despite the fact that I consider Kenny G out of my genre of preferred music, when I heard his Auld Lang Syne Millenium Mix I was greatly impressed by the creativity and the emotional power that it delivers. This wonderful mix spans the 20th century with actual audio mix-ins of historical events, and finishes bringing forth a new era of the next thousand years. An excellent mix, and must buy sing – even if you don’t listen to Kenny G!”

7. By the Time This Night is Over (Breathless, 1992)

“Kenny G is wonderful… I love his music. Paired with Peabo what and awesome duo. I advise you to get this song rather a Kenny G fan, jazz fan or Peabo fan. You can’t go wrong.”

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6. Havana (The Moment, 1996)

“Catchy tune by the sax man himself. Kenny G and his friend Dave Koz the other sax man are brilliant. This is wonderful and I love the rhythm.”

5. The Moment (The Moment, 1996)

“I think that this is the best music ever produced. This should be definitely on the number one spot this is surely better than forever in love.”

4. Sentimental (Breathless, 1992)

“Kenny G is one of my favorite instrumentalists. His music is always of the highest quality, and I highly recommend this single. Very, very relaxing to sit back with a glass of wine and listen to.”

3. Silhouette (Silhouette, 1988)

“Kenny G is the BEST…I have listened to him for 35+ years and always have enjoyed his music! I recommend it; great for party background music!!”

2. Songbird (Duotones, 1986)

“Great peaceful song, he decided to dedicate this song to his girlfriend but his girl never expected to hear about a unique song like this. Greatest saxophone sounding in a classic complete song, I really can’t never get tyre to listen this masterpiece over and over!”

1. Forever in Love (Breathless, 1992)

“Forever In Love is so wonderful, the high tones are very soft and low tone is so extraordinary. This song mysteriously communicate something to the innermost part of me. Well done Kenny G!”