Matchbox Twenty Songs Ranked

Matchbox Twenty (previously Matchbox 20, and frequently shortened to MB20) is an American rock band, formed in Orlando, Florida, in 1995. The group currently consists of Rob Thomas (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards), Brian Yale (bass guitar), Paul Doucette (drums, rhythm guitar, backing vocals), and Kyle Cook (lead guitar, vocals). Matchbox Twenty rose to international fame with their debut album, Yourself or Someone Like You (1996), which was certified 12× Platinum (diamond) in the United States and multi-platinum in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Their second album, Mad Season, released in 2000, charted in the top three on the Billboard 200 and was certified 4× Platinum in the United States. Their third album, More Than You Think You Are, released in 2002, was only certified 2× Platinum in the United States, despite its singles receiving significant airplay. On September 4, 2012, the band released their fourth studio album, North, which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. Here are all Matchbox Twenty songs ranked.

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20. Crutch (Mad Season, 2000)

“Lyrically, this is wonderful. The accompanying instruments makes this song feel like it can go along with those times whenever we were unsure about our direction in life.”

19. These Hard Times (Exile on Mainstream, 2007)

“This song really shows how this world can be so mean and it helps a lot with that. All we need is some relief and this song brings it.”

18. All Your Reasons (Exile on Mainstream, 2007)

“I play this a lot when I’m on the road and sing along loud. One of their best. Shame it didn’t reach higher on the charts and got better airplay.”

17. Downfall (More Than You Think You Are, 2002)

“I could make an argument for just about any song on this list. For me though Downfall is my all-time favorite. I hear so many influences in the music and love the arrangements. When the backup choir kicks in a whole range of emotions just well up from deep within, it reminds me a little of Foreigner’s “I Want to Know What Love Is” and just like it this song I believe withstands the test of time and had it not been for the lack of airplay could have had the same success as Unwell & Bright Lights.”

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16. Overjoyed (North, 2012)

“I really like this song. It’s not on the radio too often. But I have it on my playlist. I saw the video. I saw matchbox 20 live in concert two weeks ago. They didn’t play this song. It’s still a very good song.”

15. Last Beautiful Girl (Mad Season, 2000)

“The song with the sweetest, the best meaning and lyrics, and I can’t get it out of my head. Heard it on radio and this proves that they can come back after five and years and still rock out.”

14. Hand Me Down (More Than You Think You Are, 2002)

“This is simply a brilliant song. Only that I first knew Unwell which is equally good and resonated with what I was going through in my youthful years”

13. Disease (More Than You Think You Are, 2002)

“Catchy defines. Really great song. Actually, the whole album is amazing, the vocals are amazing and so does the guitar.”

12. Kody (Yourself or Someone Like You, 1996)

“The most underrated song I have heard. Obsessed with this song! Happy and sad at the same time. I just can’t stop listening to it. This is one of the best songs of Matchbox 20’s”

11. Real World (Yourself or Someone Like You, 1996)

“I’ve always loved the feel of this song, it really sets the pace for the “Yourself Or Someone Like You” Album! Plus just like the rest of their songs, Rt’s performance is simply THE BOMB!”

10. Long Day (Yourself or Someone Like You, 1996)

“I’m such a huge matchbox twenty fans I know every single one of their songs by heart but this one is definitely my favorite. It’s just the emotion in his voice and the music that really can make you smile and laugh out loud. I just love this song so much and I listen to it every day!”

9. She’s So Mean (North, 2012)

“It’s impossible to listen to this song without smiling. It’s just amazing and has a great beat and the vocals are fantastic. Awesome song with the awesome beat with an awesome girl with an awesome theme with awesome anything…”

8. Bright Lights (More Than You Think You Are, 2002)

“Matchbox 20 has always been my favorite band since I was little. This was the first music my dad would play for me in the car when driving me to school. I love every song on this list, but Bright Lights is the No. 1 spot in my heart. I could listen to it on repeat forever.”

7. Bent (Mad Season, 2000)

“Besides “Unwell” this is my other go to pick me up song. The two of them spoke to me on a personal level and they still do. So when I need a pick me up it’s always MB20 and Unwell or Bent.”

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6. Push (Yourself or Someone Like You, 1996)

“It’s a hard tie personally between this and “If You’re Gone” since I grew up with them, but I remember actually being on the verge of tears to this song at how much I could relate and how much emotion Rob Thomas put into this. Truly stellar song.”

5. Back 2 Good (Yourself or Someone Like You, 1996)

“”It’s such a beautiful, emotional song. The music, the lyrics, and the way it’s sung all together make this one of those songs that grabs you and never ever lets go.”

4. How Far We’ve Come (Exile on Mainstream, 2007)

“Just like unwell, How Far We’ve Come is one of those matchbox twenty songs that doesn’t quite sound like their normal sound. When Matchbox Twenty expands on their normal sound, we get great songs like this. Plus, the lyrics send a real message about American society.”

3. 3 AM (Floundering, 1994)

“This is the best Matchbox 20 song hands down. I listen to this song over and over again and it is just beautifully written and has such an incredible story behind it. It is the best.”

2. If You’re Gone (Mad Season, 2000)

“My favorite Matchbox 20 song ever. The softer style of this song suits them, but the way Rob still inflects power in some of the lyrics is stunning.”

1. Unwell (More Than You Think You Are, 2000)

“No doubt that this is #1, great instrumentals, love the chorus most of all, one of my favorite songs, was going through Spotify and found this song, haven’t played it in years, I just love this song.”