New Jersey Songs Ranked

New Jersey is the fourth studio album by American glam metal band Bon Jovi, released on September 19, 1988, by Mercury Records. The album was produced by Bruce Fairbairn and recorded at Little Mountain Sound Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The album was the follow-up to the band’s third album, Slippery When Wet, and reached number one on the Billboard 200 chart in its second week of release after debuting at number eight. It remained at the top for four consecutive weeks and was Bon Jovi’s last album to do so until Lost Highway (2007). It produced five Billboard Hot 100 top ten hits, the most top ten hits to date for any glam metal album, including “Bad Medicine” and “I’ll Be There for You”, which both reached number one. The album was certified 7× platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The album also debuted at number one in the UK and was the band’s first UK No. 1 album. New Jersey was released by the Soviet state-owned record label Melodiya, being the first American album to be officially released in the USSR. To celebrate the band’s 30th anniversary in 2014, the album was repackaged with bonus tracks. Here are all of New Jersey’s songs ranked.

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12. Ride Cowboy Ride

“Ride Cowboy Ride’ is recorded in mono, and sounds like it was recorded about 75 years ago using primative equipment, but they obviously MEANT for it to sound that way”

11. Love For Sale

“A very country-like song, with acoustics, harmonicas, very fast-paced and filled with some humour. Very enbjoyable end to the album. This is the second song that sounds out of place on this album, but surprisingly good one, seems to be made with a tongue-in-cheek approach and it works!”

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10. 99 in the Shade

“99 In The Shade, just pure feel-good-rock. Summertime is here! The bikini girls are here! Lightens up a bad day everytime. These are the kind of songs that Bon Jovi does best.”

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9. Homebound Train

“Homebound Train represents the heavier edge of the album, and somehow breaks the album rock theme and seems that it don’t quite belong in this album. The weakest link in this album and it breaks the pleasure of listening this album a bit.”

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8. Stick to Your Guns

“Another favourite. It’s a mix of acoustic and electric guitar. Soft in the verses, but it gets heavier as the electric guitar comes in. Stick to your guns, great, memorable melody on that acoustic guitar and it’s great to play that melody on your acoustic when it’s late at night.”

7. Blood On Blood

Blood on Blood is about family and it’s semifast rocka song, but nonetheless, one of the best songs on the album. Another fast track that’s all about Jon’s chidhood. Very catchy again, and great singing.”

Bon Jovi Updates on Twitter: "Tour and performance memories: @BonJovi  performing “Homebound Train” in Sweden - November 25, 1988…"

6. Wild is the Wind

“Wild is The Wind, This has got to be one of the most classic rock songs ever! When i was a kid, the phrase “baby, im wild as the wind” popped up every now and then. I don’t know if it was about this particular song, but i think so.”

5. Living In Sin

“The first ballad on the disc. I actually really like it. Nice singing and a slow but catchy chorus. Definitely one of the best rock choruses of all time.”

Bon Jovi Celebrated Valentine's Day at No. 1 With 'Livin' on a Prayer':  This Week in Billboard Chart History, 1987 | Billboard | Billboard

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4. Born to Be My Baby

“Most definitely the best song on the album. It’s not a slow song, but it isn’t a fast hard one. Love the slow-to-fast solo. one of the better tracks in Bon Jovi’s history, to say the least, considering David’s keyboard-playing

3. Lay Your Hands On Me

“The opening track Lay Your Hands on Me is a perfect starter with it’s striking riff, that is just a pleasure to listen and play yourself if you happen to own a guitar.”

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2. I’ll Be There for You

“The closing song of the album. Seemed to me a little cliched, this song just don’t have that something that separates a mediocre and a great song. Again, this is one of their greatest hits, and it is a good song/ballad. But Jovi has many better songs, that would deserve the greatest hits status.”

1. Bad Medicine

“The fastest song on the album. Really fun lyrics and it’s good song if we you wanna dance around. Simply the second best song in music history, only second to a track off of Bon Jovi’s first album.”