New Tattoo Songs Ranked

New Tattoo is the eighth studio album by the American heavy metal band Mötley Crüe, released in 2000. Artistically, New Tattoo shows the band returning to the earlier musical style that gave them commercial success in the 1980s and early 1990s. This is the only album by the band not to feature drummer Tommy Lee, who left the band a year before and was replaced by former Ozzy Osbourne drummer Randy Castillo on the album. The album artwork was inspired by the cover of Bruce Dickinson’s album Tattooed Millionaire, whose title track is said to be about Dickinson’s wife cheating on him with bassist Nikki Sixx, as revealed in Mötley Crüe’s biography The Dirt. Here are all of the New Tattoo songs ranked.

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11. 1st Band on the Moon

“This first of two songs dedicated to the decadent life of the Crue. It’s a good song and has the most 80’s flavor of any on the record. Catchy chorus and a good reflection of what Motley Crue attitude is all about.”

10. New Tattoo

“The best song in the album. It’s an excellent Motley Crue ballad. The lyircs are very loving, very passionate and Vince Neil sings the lyircs in such a soothing tone, you immediately get hooked on the song. The song is an: A+”

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9. Fake

“The other song dedicated to Motley Crue’s lifestyle. This one targets the people who never believed in them, like their previous record company. The lyrics are the best on the album. This song sounds the least like retro Motley and shows more progression than reflection.”

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8. Hollywood Ending

“Well, in true Motley Crue fasion, they have never written a bad ballad. This song is very nice and the lyrics are a step above the rest of the album. “Hollywood Ending” is one of the better power ballads in awhile as is the title track. I must really like this if I’m still compelled to write a positive review after reading “The Dirt”.

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7. Dragstrip Superstar

“One of the best tunes of the whole album. It starts out with tires revving and then it break into a heavy bass line with Randy banging the drums. The lyrics a somewhat weak, but with Randy on drums and Mick and Nick on guitar and bass, the song is great.”

6. Porno Star

“If you are a fan of Motley Crue or 80s-style hard-rock in general, you will probably get something out of this album. Despite a few bad songs and poor lyrical content, it’s still a solid album.”

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5. Treat Me Like the Dog I Am

“An excellent rocker. It’s a real catchy tune. It’s about an abusive woman who treats her man just like a dog. “Beat me, just bite me. Treat me like a dog. Cus’ You…Treat Me Like The Dog, like the dog I Am.” 

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4. Hell on High Heels

“A MASTERPIECE! This is pure Motley Crue. It’s loud, hard rocking, and full excellent lyrics. This song is one of my favorite Motley songs of all time. It’s definitely in my Motley Crue Top 10. Great rocker, typical attitude that one would expect from the 80’s Motley Crue.”

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3. Punched in the Teeth by Love

“This song rips! It’s one of the albums best rockers although once again, the lyrics aren’t a work of art. A decent rocker. the chorus line is very cathcy. The rhthyms are great and so are the lyrics. This song is somewhat anthematic.”

2. She Needs Rock & Roll

“Pretty good song. The lyrics are still a tad lame, but the song is catchy with a slower tempo than the rest of the record. Motley Crue, arguably the biggest pop-metal band of the 1980s, had a tough time in the 1990s. First there was the falling out and ensuing feud between vocalist Vince Neil and the rest of the band. Then there were the alternative and grunge moments that made the Crue’s style of music passé.”

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1. White Punks on Dope

“Surprisingly a lot of people seem to really like “White Punks On Dope” which is an alright song but I thought it was one of the throwaways on this album. It’s good enough that I usually listen to it but I’m glad it’s the last song so it’s easily skipable should I choose to.”