No Fences Songs Ranked

No Fences is the second studio album by the American country music artist Garth Brooks. It was released on August 27, 1990, and reached No. 1 on Billboard’sTop Country Albums chart. The album also reached No. 3 on the Billboard 200. On the latter chart it stayed in the top 40 for 126 weeks. No Fences remains Brooks’ best-selling studio album to date with 18 million copies shipped in the US, and is the album that made him an international star. It was his first album issued in Europe (the original European release c ontained the four singles from his US debut as bonus tracks). Some of Brooks’ most famous songs appear on No Fences, including: “The Thunder Rolls” (CMA’s 1991 Video of the Year), “Friends in Low Places” (Academy of Country Music’s 1990 Single of the Year), “Unanswered Prayers” and “Two of a Kind, Workin’ on a Full House”. A cover version of The Fleetwoods’ “Mr. Blue” appears on the album. The album itself was named Album of the Year by the ACM in 1990. It reached Number 1 on the British country music charts (earning Brooks his first gold album in that country) and remained charted for over five years. The track “Victim of the Game” was later covered by Brooks’s friend and future wife Trisha Yearwood for her 1991 eponymous debut album. Here are all of No Fences songs ranked.

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10. Wolves

“Garth Brooks best represents the turning point in country music, moving away from the outlaw country and more traditional acts to more middle-of-the-road, more pop-oriented country acts.”

9. Same Old Story

“Country music changed forever in 1989, led by Clint Black with his hugely successful debut album that spawned several number one country hits. Garth started at the same time as Clint but his debut album, while also very successful, didn’t do as well as Clint’s album at the time”

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8. Wild Horses

“Garth’s departure from traditional country stylings would become more appearant in future albums, but this album still contained some songs that would be considered standards in the industry. “Wild Horses”, a song about a rodeo-riders conflict between settling down and being “dragged” away to the rodeo, is pure country, more in keeping with the stylings of George Strait (a singer Garth has admitted to emulating throughout his career).”

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7. Victim of the Game

“Rarely have I seen critics trash an entertainer in the manner that they attacked Garth Brooks. Are there better country acts out there? Of course there are. Are there better pop acts out there? Same answer, yet again, but it seems like critics seemed especially harsh on Brooks because of how successful he was in ushering the era of country-pop to the masses.”

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6. New Way to Fly

“One of my favorite songs on this album is New Way to Fly. It’s one of Garth’s most beautiful, moving songs (he also co-wrote it), and that song has the soul and depth that old country music always seems to find.”

5. The Thunder Rolls

“”The Thunder Rolls” is one of Garth’s best songs, even though it was highly controversial when it first came out because of its portrayal of adultery and domestic violence. In fact, two well-known cable channels, The Nashville Network and Country Music Television, refused to air the video to “The Thunder Rolls” because of its violent content.”

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4. Two of a Kind, Workin’ on a Full House

“Two Of A Kind, Working On A Full House” became a staple piece for Garth, using a catchy “hook” analagous with poker to describe the relationship of two lovers-husband and wife-and their intentions of having a family. The catchy melody and clever lyrics gave the song a clever spin that audiences loved.”

3. Friends in Low Places

“Friends In Low Places”, the first of four #1 hits off this album, is Garth’s classic up-tempo barroom anthem, with Garth being joined by a lot of his “friends” on the last chorus to the song.”

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2. Unanswered Prayers

“The song Unanswered Prayers is actually pretty good. Its lyric and message is quite moving. How many us have been p**sed at God for not answering our prayers, then years later thanking him for not having us go down that path? The song isn’t Ecclesiastes or anything, but it’s got a good message to it, which I dig.”

1. Mr. Blue

“Garth remade the Fifties pop hit “Mr. Blue” for this record, and Garth’s version is quite a bit more upbeat than the original. This album would be the last ignitor to launch Garth’s career from mere artist to true country superstar. It would put his name in every household and introduce him to a world of music fans who had, before this point, shunned country music.”