Plini Albums Ranked

Plini Roessler-Holgate, also known mononymously as Plini, is an Australian guitarist and songwriter. He began his career by releasing music under the name Halcyon, before switching to the use of his first name. Steve Vai described him as “the future of exceptional guitar playing”, and the website MusicRadar named Plini the best prog guitarist of 2017. Plini has released a trilogy of extended plays (Other Things and Sweet Nothings in 2013, The End of Everything in 2015). His debut album, Handmade Cities, which Vai described as “one of the finest, forward-thinking, melodic, rhythmically and harmonically deep instrumental guitar records [he has] ever heard”, was released in 2016. Sunhead, an EP, was released in 2018. One of Plini’s influences has been Joe Satriani. Plini stated in an interview, “What I found different in Joe’s playing is his ability to craft simple and catchy melodies and phrase them so perfectly that he doesn’t have to rely on (but can still bust out) flashy passages and cool tricks to keep the instrumental song format interesting. I hope we get to jam someday!” In another interview, Plini stated that Satriani has “been hugely inspirational to me so it’s very cool when I’m told people can hear that in there.” Here are all of Plini’s albums ranked.

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3. Trilogy (2013)

Trilogy by Plini (Compilation): Reviews, Ratings, Credits, Song list - Rate  Your Music

“This compilation put together all the songs in Plini’s three first EPs: Other Things, Sweet Nothings, The End of Everything, which seems a good idea to me, although it is a very difficult item to find. I´m going crazy to find that CD. Unfortunately for the reader, I’m not able to comment on the different EPs separately. I’m not that much into Plini’s music as to discuss his musical evolution through these EPs, I knew all three together and always listen to them together, so to me this is a single piece.”

2. Impulse Voices (2020)

Impulse Voices - Album by Plini | Spotify

“The Australia-based guitar guru is back with his sophomore record and he continues to be one of the biggest names and driving forces in the instrumental metal scene. I listen to a lot of music and I have been following Plini for many years now and there is something so mesmerizing about the way he brings in jazz influences into his very intense and theatrical metal instrumentals.”

1. Handmade Cities (2016)

Plini – Handmade Cities (2018, Red Transparent w/ Blue Splatter, Vinyl) -  Discogs

“Amazingly well executed guitar-album full of beautiful melodies and interesting moments. It leans towards the hard-rock/metal spectrum, with heavy jazz-fusion influences. I can also see some Post-rock in there. “Every Piece Matters” is one of the best instrumentals I’v heard in my life, in my opinion could be the reason to listen to this album alone. But the rest is also very good, although never reaching the same peak as the mentioned track.”