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Plini Roessler-Holgate, also known mononymously as Plini, is an Australian guitarist and songwriter. He began his career by releasing music under the name Halcyon, before switching to the use of his first name. Steve Vai described him as “the future of exceptional guitar playing”, and the website MusicRadar named Plini the best prog guitarist of 2017. Plini has released a trilogy of extended plays (Other Things and Sweet Nothings in 2013, The End of Everything in 2015). His debut album, Handmade Cities, which Vai described as “one of the finest, forward-thinking, melodic, rhythmically and harmonically deep instrumental guitar records [he has] ever heard”, was released in 2016. Sunhead, an EP, was released in 2018. One of Plini’s influences has been Joe Satriani. Plini stated in an interview, “What I found different in Joe’s playing is his ability to craft simple and catchy melodies and phrase them so perfectly that he doesn’t have to rely on (but can still bust out) flashy passages and cool tricks to keep the instrumental song format interesting. I hope we get to jam someday!” In another interview, Plini stated that Satriani has “been hugely inspirational to me so it’s very cool when I’m told people can hear that in there.” Here are all of Plini’s songs ranked.

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10. Handmade Cities (Handmade Cities, 2016)

“Plini performs a kind of alchemical magic with this beautiful work of art. He seamlessly stitches together a plethora musical styles, ideas, genres with his sensitive, truthful approach to music. I have feel like I have truly found something truly unique and special.”

9. Wombat Astronaut (Beyond the Burrow) (The End of Everything, 2015)

“This song is brilliant, the build up to the breakdown between the instruments is amazing. This record sets new grounds for the instrumental rock/progressive guitar music with killer melodies. Really beautiful compositions.

8. Electric Sunrise (Handmade Cities, 2016)

“This music is like something from a decade or two in the future made available to us today. Plini fuses elements from many past genres and adds things I’ve never heard before to create music which is truly unique – simultaneously simple and complex, powerful and delicate, and often soaring to heights of sublime beauty and emotion.”

Plini – Handmade Cities (2018, Red Transparent w/ Blue Splatter, Vinyl) -  Discogs

7. Heart (Other Things, 2013)

“Heart is a nice, restrained song that sounds very similar to Toe, with a strong indie rock sound and a lot of notes being played, yet it all sounding extremely relaxing nonetheless, just an all around pleasant song.”

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6. Flâneur (Sunhead, 2018)

“From the musical perspective, it all sound more like some photos takes at the current status in Plini’s musical mind than a preconceived plan like the Handmade Cities opus. This makes the whole thing slightly less interesting, but worth the listen anyways. It’s like an incomplete book: there are some chapters but I miss an overall story.”

5. Tarred & Feathered (Sweet Nothings, 2013)

“Stop thinking and dance to the damn song already. Plini’s work is too brilliant for you to do anything other than let it wash over you. Get out of your head and let it take over, for just a few minutes. Then resume your daily scheduled *programming*.”

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4. Other Things (Other Things, 2013)

“The title track has a much jazzier sound to it, and the style reminds me vaguely of Guthrie Goven, once again being able to put a lot of feeling into the instrumentals, despite the relatively fast speed of some of the solos.”

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3. Away (Sweet Nothings, 2013)

“I’ve heards things similar to this. But most of these compositions were kinda dull and repetitive. I like how this is much more than a virtuoso instrumentalist”

2. Cascade (Handmade Cities, 2016)

“This is like the best thing I’ve ever heard in my life. And I’ve listened to so much music. I was looking forward to this album but this track just exceeded my expectations, which is something that rarely happens these days with anything. I just can’t believe it. It’s absolutely perfect. I really, really feel this.”

Impulse Voices - Album by Plini | Spotify

1. Every Piece Matters (Handmade Cities, 2016)

“The way you have the collab of everyone for that vocal part is absolutely phenomenal man. It’s so creative, inclusive, and wholesome. Absolutely astonishing work man. This song just seems to have everything I love hearing in music. Beautiful ambient cleans and a really delicate and incredible melody.”