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The Contortionist is an American progressive metal band from Indianapolis, Indiana. Formed in 2007, the band consists of guitarists Robby Baca and Cameron Maynard, drummer Joey Baca, vocalist Mike Lessard, bassist Jordan Eberhardt, and keyboardist Eric Guenther. They have released four studio albums and three EPs. The band signed with E1 and Good Fight Music in early 2010. The Contortionist formed in 2007 under the name At the Hands of Machines with vocalist Jake Morris, guitarists Roby Baca and Cameron Maynard, bassist Christopher Tilley, and drummer Joey Baca. The band’s first release, the EP Sporadic Movements, was released later that year. At the Hands of Machines changed their name to The Contortionist following the EP’s release and the same line-up recorded the EP Shapeshifter, which was released in September 2008. These two EPs featured a deathcore sound in contrast to the band’s later works. Following the release of Shapeshifter, vocalist Jake Morris left the band and was replaced by Dave Hoffman, who also provided keyboards. The band entered Voltaic Recording Studio in early 2009 and released their third EP, Apparition, in September of that year. The sound of this EP continued the deathcore sound heard with Morris, but also showed the band moving towards a more progressive metal/technical death metal sound. Here are all of The Contortionist songs ranked.

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10. Dreaming Schematic (Intrinsic, 2012)

“Dreaming Schematics” features yet more of what you can expect from this phenomenal release as it is highlighted by a first half filled with more fantastic riffing including some brief start/stop riff chugs thrown in at the 35 second mark, plus more great clean vocals and killer melodies.ntortionist than I knew, and I am still loving it.

9. Contact (Exoplanet, 2010)

“Contact” which starts off with a calm and clean guitar intro and also features more brief clean vocal sections layered over intense screams as well as more massive, pounding riffage and epic melodic leads and solid double bass kicking”

8. Reimagined (Clairvoyant, 2017)

“A bell chime intensifies as Monochrome (Passive) hums into existence. An instrumental, it gives us an idea about what to expect in the album : A buzzing and ambient bass and rhythm guitar while the melody duties are handed over to lead guitars and keys. It sets up perfectly for the heavy opening riff on Godspeed. It’s an enjoyable listen, with Lessard’s on-point vocals during the chorus and an outro that packs a punch as tremolo picked riffs intermingle with booming synth ones. Reimagined is the most catchy track on the album, with a strong bass intro and interesting lyrics”

The Contortionist – Clairvoyant - MyRockNews

7. Primordial Sound (Language, 2014)

“This album was great on all levels. It was heavy and at the same time really melodic. I could honestly relax to it and feel the message it was sending and bang my head at the same time. I loved it.”

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6. Expire (Exoplanet, 2010)

“Expire is a fast and heavy one, with tons of crazy stuff going on. This song has some sick breakdowns with some ambient spacey sounds provided by the vocalist on the keys, making it very memorable.”

5. Geocentric Confusion (Intrinsic, 2012)

“Geocentric Confusion” which is in my opinion the album’s best song hands down. The first half is highlighted by mostly heavy and intense growls aided by monstrous, pummeling riffs and insane drumming and then near the 3 minute mark, the song then segues into a beautifully epic and melodic second half with absolutely amazing clean vocals, clean melodic guitars and beautiful keyboards as well as a very catchy and danceable drum beat all guaranteed to just blow your mind away. This song is definitely epic to say the least.”

The Contortionist - Intrinsic Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

4. Language II: Conspire (Language, 2014)

“This Album is incredible ! It’s what I listen to when I am at my desk working. It great driving music, whether cruising or in evening traffic. Best of all when I am at the gym I blast it in my headphones. It’s beautiful, driving, heavy ,some parts even jazzy, but great begging to end.”

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3. Holomovement (Intrinsic, 2012)

“The first track, Holomovement, just blew me away. The melodic harmonies were so carefully crafted, nuanced, beautiful.. Other tracks brought in the heavy drums, the occasional growls, the djent polyrythms, all mixed in with more harmonic greatness.”

2. Language I: Intuition (Language, 2014)

“Groove heavy. Darker tones. Production quality is phenomenal, given the kind of music. Composition is stellar, even with the off time beats…they aren’t overpowering and really tasteful. And the soothing, lower registered singing has been lacking in this genre (and many rock acts, myself included). It all has a “consolidated epic” kind of sensibility. I dig it.”

Let's Awe: The Contortionist - 'Language' | Djent Mag

1. Flourish (Exoplanet, 2010)

“Flourish” which is one of the band’s most well known songs and for a very good reason. The song begins with a furious barrage of frenetic technical style riffing that later flows into more further nonstop intensity and brutality with vicious screams and growls and massive crushing breakdowns until near the 2 minute mark an amazingly epic and atmospheric melodic section comes in all included with clean vocals as well as a beautifully melodic guitar solo which is later followed by a wonderfully breathtaking guitar harmony lead before the heaviness comes right back into play. This song is definitely one of the best songs on the album here, as well as one of my favorites.”