Pyromania Songs Ranked

Pyromania is the third studio album by English rock band Def Leppard, released on 20 January 1983 through Vertigo Records in UK and Europe and through Mercury Records in the US. The first album to feature guitarist Phil Collen who replaced founding member Pete Willis, Pyromania was produced by Robert John “Mutt” Lange. The album was a shift away from the band’s traditional heavy metal roots toward a more radio-friendly sound, finding massive mainstream success. Pyromania charted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200, No. 4 on the Canadian RPM Album chart, and No. 18 on the UK Albums Chart. Selling over ten million copies in the US, it has been certified diamond by the RIAA. The album was partially recorded with original guitarist Pete Willis, whose rhythm guitar tracks appear on all songs. Toward the end of the recording sessions, Willis was fired for excessive alcohol abuse and was replaced by guitarist Phil Collen, who contributed a few guitar solos as well as additional guitar parts that had not yet been recorded by Willis. On the original LP release, Willis is visible in the background of the photograph of lead singer Joe Elliott, while Collen is given his own personal photo as the new full-time member of the group. Here are all of Pyromania’s songs ranked.

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10. Action! Not Words

“A song about trying to get laid. A mid-tempo song with heavy drumming from Rick Allen and thumping bass from Rick Savage. Sounds alot like AC/DC, Bon Scott era.”

9. Comin’ Under Fire

“Might be the best song on the album! Could have easily been placed on the “High-N-Dry” or “On Through the Night” albums. Another moody and eerie sounding tune. Strong rhythem section, heavy bass playing and nice vocal harmonizing.”

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8. Die Hard the Hunter

“Opens with electronic helicopter and gun fire sounds. A song with fantastic harmonizing to intro the tune. The song then changes tempo when the band kicks in, turning it into a hard rocking tempo, with heavy bass and snare drum. The synthesizer is also on display here. A song with intelligent lyrics about a veteran trying to integrate into society after returning from war.”

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7. Billy’s Got a Gun

“A GREAT song. Very underrated. Before Aerosmith wrote about “Janie” and Pearl Jam sang about “Jeremy” , the Lep was telling the world about Billy and his gun. The gun craze started here! A song with intelligent lyrics and a terrific melody. A great tune that deserves more recognition! The song and album closes with a repeating drum-synth pattern. How eerie and portentious, because Rick Allen would get in a car accident a few months later and lose his left arm, requiring him to use drum-synths. Also, in the band photo on the first page, only Rick Allen’s left arm is blocked from view (you can see BOTH arms of the rest of the band)”

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6. Too Late for Love

“Eerie electronic wind and moody guitar melody opens the song. Joe Elliot then starts singing the chorus. The song picks up its tempo and sounds like Dio’s “Last In Line” and could have easily been on The “High-N-Dry” album. A very haunting and moody sounding song. This song also got alot of airplay. Another terrific song!”

5. Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)

“The first thing you notice is the synthesizer mixed in with the drums and power-chording guitar intro, letting the old fans know that this album will be a little different from the first two. The pace then picks up. Sounds alot like “Back In Black” era AC/DC. Joe Elliott has a voice made for rock! His voice alone makes the record hardrock! Scorching guitar solo from Clark. A pure hardrock song. Great!”

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4. Stagefright

“A fast paced rockin’ song with terrific harmonization. A song about trying to get your object of affection to have sex with you. A great hardrock tune.”

3. Foolin’

“Synthesizer and soft guitar intro, with a ballad tempo that picks up steam and power when the drums come in. A very heavy, chugging guitar and tempo change during the chorus helps make this song a true hard rock CLASSIC. Smoking guitar solo from Clark! Again, there are great harmonizations from the band (that’s what sets this band apart from the other metal bands of their time) Great singing from Elliot! A gem.”

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2. Rock of Ages

“Alright! I got something to say”! A song praising the merits of rock-n-roll! This tune also received heavy air and video play. Another BIG hit for the band. A hard rocking tune with some fantastic “laughing” from Mr. Elliott! Ends with the sound of a match being struck and the licking of flames. A Classic rock song.”

1. Photograph

“Guitar intro combines with a heavy drum beat and vocals. Synthesizer is really predominant. Heavy chugging guitars help to give the song that hardrock edge. Joe sounds great! Alot of emotion and feeling from his voice. A very melodic/hardrock tune that was a HUGE hit for the band and you will hear why, because this is a classic, perfect rock-n-roll song!”