Ram Jam Albums Ranked

Ram Jam was an American rock band formed in New York City in 1977, predominantly known for their hit single “Black Betty”. he band consisted of Bill Bartlett (guitar), Howie Arthur Blauvelt (bass), Pete Charles (drums), and Myke Scavone (lead vocals). Jimmy Santoro, who toured with the band in support of their debut album, joined on guitar for the follow-up album. Bartlett was formerly lead guitarist for the bubblegum group The Lemon Pipers, while Blauvelt played with Billy Joel in several bands: the Echoes (also renamed the Lost Souls and then the Commandos), the Hassles, and El Primo. Maxx Mann, a one-time singer with Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Kings of Christmas, was recruited by producers Kasenetz/Katz to front a version of the group in the 1990s. The band was originally known as ‘Creekside Killshack’. Here are all of Ram Jam albums ranked.

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2. Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Ram (1978)

“Woah Black Betty, bam a lam’. This is probably all people remember about ‘American’ Ram Jam, if anything. That hit isn’t on this album – but who cares, as this is one of the finest examples of ’70s rock. The band, which was put together for this album (why can’t X Factor produce a decent rock band?) broke up soon after, so this is a true one-off. Silly title, silly cover, great music. They could have been huge, instead we have a great memorial to brief moment of rock genius.”

1. Ram Jam (1977)

“Ram Jam might be known best for “Black Betty”, and that’s unfortunate, they had some pretty good songs besides that one. I recommend anyone who wants to know more about Ram Jam and their place in rock music to purchase this album, it’s really worth listening to.”