Ram Jam Songs Ranked

Ram Jam was an American rock band formed in New York City in 1977, predominantly known for their hit single “Black Betty”. the band consisted of Bill Bartlett (guitar), Howie Arthur Blauvelt (bass), Pete Charles (drums), and Myke Scavone (lead vocals). Jimmy Santoro, who toured with the band in support of their debut album, joined on guitar for the follow-up album. Bartlett was formerly lead guitarist for the bubblegum group The Lemon Pipers, while Blauvelt played with Billy Joel in several bands: the Echoes (also renamed the Lost Souls and then the Commandos), the Hassles, and El Primo. Maxx Mann, a one-time singer with Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Kings of Christmas, was recruited by producers Kasenetz/Katz to front a version of the group in the 1990s. The band was originally known as ‘Creekside Killshack’. Here are all of Ram Jam songs ranked.

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12. 404 (Ram Jam, 1977)

“Ram Jam is a generally forgotten band with a strong underlying Southern Rock influence…odd, especially since the band originated in New York City, about as far away from Dixieland in sight and sound and style as one can get.”

11. Too Bad on Your Birthday (Ram Jam, 1977)

“Just an amazing song! It’s in fact a really “simple song” with almost no variation, but that makes it all the more powerful! It’s just a masterpiece!”

10. The Kid Next Door (Portrait of the Artist as a Young Ram, 1978)

“This is one of the only songs I can listen to repeatedly and not get tired of. The drum rhythm is amazing and makes the song sound very epic–the guitar has a very unique and cool sound, too.”

9. Wanna Find Love (Portrait of the Artist as a Young Ram, 1978)

“Awesome song. The lyrics was amazing, the guitar sounds too good and the drummer did a great job. The vocalist was great. Go with a flowing song sounds better than the best”

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8. Just Like Me (The Very Best of Ram Jam, 1990)

“This song drives you, literally starts inside of your chest, and tries to get out of your body… Goes hard, catchy as hell. Has one of the best lyrics I’ve ever heard in a song.”

7. Overloaded (Ram Jam, 1977)

“Absolutely amazing track. Brings together an amazing harmony of lead guitar and eerie vocals. The full version is a must hear for music fans. Great ending to the song. A spectacle played live.”

6. Please, Please, Please (Portrait of the Artist as a Young Ram, 1978)

“One of my personal favorites of all time. So powerful and full of emotion. I feel possessed when I listen to this song. There’s a few songs that can give you chills anytime you hear them. This is one of those songs.”

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5. Hurricane Ride (Portrait of the Artist as a Young Ram, 1978)

“A complete masterpiece, the total song and best rock song of this decade without doubt! If you haven’t heard it then I don’t know why you’re even breathing.”

4. Hey Boogie Woman (Ram Jam, 1977)

“Play it on guitar and you’ll fall in love with this song. Great song great song. Bring this to the top and slap everyone in the face who doubted.”

3. Let It All Out (Ram Jam, 1977)

“This song has the perfect balance of an awkward yet catchy riff, and on top of that it has just awesome lyrics. Some say it’s not their best song..”

2. Right On the Money (Ram Jam, 1977)

“Just love everything about this song. But what really caught my attention well of course the lyrics. And is a great song to drive to.”

1. Black Betty (Ram Jam, 1977)

“Agree with Grandmaster this time, this is classic rock with a sound that Black Crowes would use later on, I can hear the Leadbelly Ness in it all but this is really a beautiful rock jam, has jam and blues in there too. Good shit for sure, heard it before liked it. Lots of times in commercials from back in the day. Great guitar solo.”