Rammstein Songs Ranked

Rammstein is a German Metal band formed in Berlin in 1994. Their six-man lineup—lead vocalist Till Lindemann, lead guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe, rhythm guitarist Paul Landers, bassist Oliver Riedel, drummer Christoph Schneider, and keyboardist Christian “Flake” Lorenz—has remained unchanged throughout their existence. Prior to their formation, some members were associated with East German punk rock acts Feeling B and First Arsch.

After winning a local contest, Rammstein was able to record demos and send them to different record labels, eventually signing with Motor Music. Working with producer Jacob Hellner, Rammstein was one of the first bands to emerge within the Neue Deutsche Härte genre, with their debut album leading the music press to coin the term, and their style of music has generally had a positive reception from music critics. Commercially, the band has been very successful, earning many No. 1 album as well as gold and platinum certifications in countries around the world. Here are all of Rammstein’s songs ranked.

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20. Rammstein (Rammstein, 2019)

“Probably their most sinister sounding song. It’s amazing when you hear Till’s deep voice saying “ramm… Stein… Its lyrics and dark riffs make this song a classic!”

19. Seemann (Herzeleid, 1995)

“Such an amazing soft, reminds me of stairway to heaven in the way that it starts soft, then picks up, its done very smoothly, and the message behind the song is so… Great!”

18. Links 2 3 4 (Mutter, 2001)

“This defines the character of Till Lindemann and the rest of the band. It tells you where their hearts really are, metaphorically with the ironic twist of the literal location. The spin on the feel of the music with the meaning of the song is genius.”

17. Deutschland (Rammstein, 2019)

“To write something this rich and devastating – in regard to your own country, is quite incredible! Not only, is it lyrically positive & sad, all at once – it also belts out furiously, and I can’t wait to see The Till Hammer with this one! Exceptional song of their career in all aspects!”

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16. Amerika (Reise, Reise, 2004)

“A great reflection of American capitalism and globalization, all mixed in with an awesome rock-theme and epic guitar. The English version is better for me because of the instrumental.”

15. Sehnsucht (Sehnsucht, 1997)

“Till does a great job as always, the guitar riffs and the bass work is absolutely fantastic and flake adds a fun mix to the song with the keyboard”

14. P***y (Liebe ist für alle da, 2009)

“The electronic guitar work is just phenomenal. Combined with the vocals of Till Lindemann and the catchy lyrics, it all makes this song so epic (not to mention the music video laugh out loud)”

13. Mutter (Mutter, 2001)

“Rammstein has and continues to be one of my favorite bands of all time and thus song is my personal favorite and one of their best. Mutter is probably their most touching song and yet tragic. This song is just so powerful it can make people cry. As a kid I didn’t understand any German at all but I didn’t need any translation when I heard the word “mutter”. Perhaps the most simple yet powerful word in our language. It’s the first German word I learned and it still gets me every time I listen to this song.”

12. Rosenrot (Rosenrot, 2005)

“This is the Rammstein song that got me into Rammstein, and I normally don’t even go for Metal! I was just working out with a friend and this song was on his playlist.”

11. Ohne Dich (Reise, Reise, 2004)

“It is the best for me too..even though it is hard to decide because all the songs are deep and have a message. I love MEIN LAND too it is strong song, Wiener BLut is hard as f…, and so is Laichzeit. Till Lindemann writes and sings about topics you do not want to be confronted daily… So it is hard for me to pick the best song”

10. Reise, Reise (Reise, Reise, 2004)

“The energy in the guitar riffs in the song coupled with Till’s voice take this song to a different level altogether. Reise, Reise is an awesome song. Sounds great and the meaning of it is so amazingly chilling.”

9. Buck Dich (Sehnsucht, 1997)

“The most pulse-pounding and synchronized track with a definitive and constant rhythm; the track flows the best and is comparable to a climax-packed boss fight in a video game. Definitely my favorite of all Rammstein tracks due to the congruent beat and awesome tune.”

8. Feuer frei (Mutter, 2001)

“The most energetic and heaviest track I have heard from Rammstein. It really showcases that combination of industrial music and metal that Rammstein has made for themselves. Best song hands down.”

7. Ich Tu Dir Weh (Liebe ist für alle da, 2009)

“I don’t speak German… Maybe that is why I love this song even more than I should, but it is just amazing. The tune, the resonance in Till’s voice,… The chorus makes me squirm in my panties. LOVE!”

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6. Engel (Sehnsucht, 1997)

“The most complex, most melodic but at the same time a very powerful song. The lyrics are superb and the angel’s singing and the whistles only make it better. In my opinion the best Rammstein song.”

5. Mein Herz brennt (Mutter, 2001)

“This song is amazing! I don’t remember how many times I’ve heard it, but it never fails to amuse me. It’s a fantastic song. Perfect transition from metal to the soft guitar reef in the end. Mind blowing! The last bit will blow you away, I can swear”

4. Mein Teil (Bravo: The Hits 2004, 2004)

“This is such a good song, especially the topic. Cannibalism hasn’t been sung in such a vulgar, explicit, and informative way. It’s unique and I’m sure it takes courage to post songs such as this. That’s Rammstein for you, and that’s why I love them.”

3. Ich will (Mutter, 2001)

“Anthem. The rising power electrifies the listener. The song evolves as the band dares to include various styles. It all works together.”

2. Sonne (Mutter, 2001)

“I listened to Du Hast years ago and it’s a good song, but it never got me into the band wholeheartedly. But when I listened to Sonne, it was an instant head turner for me and I couldn’t stop listening to it.”

1. Du Hast (Sehnsucht, 1997)

“Great mix of metal and a little bit techno. Also it has a cool music video and a nice live performance. It is the Rammstein song everyone knows.”