Shout At The Devil Songs Ranked

Shout at the Devil is the second studio album by American heavy metal band Mötley Crüe, released on September 26, 1983. It was the band’s breakthrough album, establishing Mötley Crüe as one of the top-selling heavy metal acts of the 1980s. The singles “Looks That Kill” and “Too Young to Fall in Love” were moderate hits for the band. Shout at the Devil was Mötley Crüe’s breakthrough success, selling 200,000 copies in its first two weeks. The album’s title and the band’s use of a Pentagram caused a great deal of controversy upon its 1983 release, as Christian and conservative groups claimed the band was encouraging their listeners to worship Satan. The Pentagram was something Nikki Sixx brought with him from Sister, a very theatrical band he had been a member of (along with future W.A.S.P. vocalist Blackie Lawless) in the late 70s prior to the formation of Mötley Crüe. Sister was the first L.A. band to fuse occult symbolism such as the Pentagram into a theatrical heavy metal show incorporating blood and facial makeup. Sixx asked Lawless for permission to use some of Sister’s occult-related imagery for Shout at the Devil, as at that point Lawless was intent on moving in a different direction. “I said ‘take whatever you want’ because, at that point, I realized that with an image like that, you end up painting yourself in a corner and you can’t get out,” said Lawless. Here are all of Shout At The Devil’s songs ranked. Here are all of Shout At The Devil’s songs ranked.

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12. God Bless the Children of the Beast

“The album slows down a bit for the haunting instrumental “God Bless the Children of the Beast,” which is a nice change of pace. This leads perfectly into a cover of the Beatles “Helter Skelter.”

11. I Will Survive

“This is my favorite song on this album and I don’t know why it wasn’t on the original version. The vocals are really great, and the lyrics are some of Nikki Sixx’s best.”

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10. In the Beginning

“The album starts out with an introduction titled “In the Beginning,” which describes a world gone to hell. The narrator tells the listener to fight back, “be strong and Shout at the Devil!” A tale written by Nikki Sixx and narrated by Allister Fiend. A great way to set the atmosphere of the brutatlity to come.”

9. Red Hot

“This song has a huge bass riff well done by Nikki. Also on the drums Tommy is playing an excellent bass drum line. Crushing bass line and awewome chorus! This is one to headbang to!”

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8. Danger

“One of the album’s best. Beautiful vocals and pulsing rhythms. The album closes with ‘Danger’ the one out and out ballad on the album. I wouldn’t have thought Neil’s vox would’ve flown in such a thing, but it turns out pretty well, though it’s got some cheesy synths. Another nice chorus though, like pretty much everything else on the album”

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7. Bastard

“Cool lyrics and pulverizing guitars. One of the albums best. The hard-hitting “Bastard” is good, if not excellent, and keeps up the momentum. This is Motley Crue at their best. Raw. Powerful. Tons of attitude.”

6. Knock ’em Dead, Kid

“Knock ‘Em Dead, Kid is my personal favorite song on this album and my favorite Crue song ever. ull blown metal!!!! Rocks hard from beginning to end.

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5. Ten Seconds to Love

“The last song of special note is the Crue’s ode to premature ejaculation, “Ten Seconds to Love.” An energetic rocker, its theme and tempo encourage metalheads to incorporate some pelvic thrusting into their “devil horns and head banging” routine, and three years before Poison.”

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4. Helter Skelter

“Helter Skelter” is considered by some to be one of the first metal songs ever written, so its inclusion is not entirely out-of-place. The Crue more-or-less stick to the original sound of the track, but give it a little more of a metal trimming.”

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3. Looks that Kill

“The rapid-fire “Looks that Kill” is probably the album’s catchiest song, which may be why it was chosen as a single. Killer guitars and soaring vocals! Great chorus and typical Motley lyrics make this a classic.”

2. Too Young to Fall in Love

“Great vocals and a really awesome riff make this a Motley Crue staple. ‘Too Young To Fall in Love’ is the best thing here, easily. That main riff just rules, and it’s got a great chorus. Too Young to Fall in Love,” is a standout track that should have been a classic.”

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1. Shout at the Devil

“The title track, “Shout At The Devil” is EXCELLENT! The opening starts out with Tommy doing a bass drum beat and banging the symbols. Then the band screams, “Shout! Shout! Shout At The Devil!” The song is well done with the beats and the amazing riffs by Nikki and Mick. The song is a MASTERPIECE! “