The Derek Trucks Band Albums Ranked

The Derek Trucks Band was an American blues-rock group founded by young slide guitar prodigy Derek Trucks, who began playing guitar and touring with some of blues and rock music’s elite when he was just nine years old. After experimenting as an adolescent with musicians he met between tours and recording sessions, Trucks founded The Derek Trucks Band in 1994. With family ties to The Allman Brothers Band, Trucks continued to experiment and play with others, carefully assembling his own band over a period of several years. Led by Trucks and loosely based in his family home in Jacksonville, Florida, the band generally consisted of six members. The bandmates have combined their talents to perform pieces from some of the most highly regarded musicians before them, while at the same time collaborating on writing the songs they have recorded. The band’s eclectic sound is a way for Trucks to explore his own creativity alongside his role as a guest, and eventually a permanent member, in The Allman Brothers Band. Here are all of The Derek Trucks Band albums ranked.

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8. Out Of The Madness (1998)

The Derek Trucks Band – Out Of The Madness (1998, CD) - Discogs

“You can tell from the first song on this CD that it’s going to blow your mind. And it only gets better on the tracks with Warren Haynes. Can’t stop listening to it; highly recommend!”

7. Live At Georgia Theatre (2004)

The Derek Trucks Band - Live At Georgia Theatre | Discogs

“If you love Duane Allman’s work and style, buy this NOW. Born 19 years after Duane left us too early, Derek’s style and ability, as well as his modest demeanor, eerily recall Duane. Absolute mastery of the cosmic version of blues/ bottleneck guitar Duane pioneered, and the same ability to take long solos with hardly any cliches or flat spots.”

6. Roadsongs (2010)

The Derek Trucks Band – Roadsongs (2010, Digipak, CD) - Discogs

“A nice mix of genres from the DTB. Rock, jazz, soul, and oh yes, blues too. Derek Trucks continues his growth as a guitarist and bandleader, culminiating with his work on the recent Tedeschi-Trucks Band album Revalator. If any of this sounds good to you, check this one. You won’t be sorry.”

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5. Already Free (2009)

Already Free - Album by The Derek Trucks Band | Spotify

“This album is hard to define – it is gospel, soul, tears, dancing, laughter, and memories all wrapped up in one piece of artwork. Derek shines in this older music, and the vocals are full and rich from different talents (Susan is one of many).”

4. Soul Serenade (2003)

The Derek Trucks Band - Soul Serenade | Lanzamientos | Discogs

“Being a fan of Tedeski Trucks, I quickly bought this recording after hearing “Drown in My Own Tears” sung by Gregg Allman on the American Routes radio show. This is the only song by Gregg as this is mainly an instrumental album. It is a smaller group than TTB, but is not lacking in power. It is jazzy with flute complementing Derek’s slide. This is one of those albums I listened to over and over for WEEKS! The best!”

3. Songlines (2006)

Songlines - The Derek Trucks Band | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

Well this really is one beautiful album, full stop. It contains something in it for everyone. An exquisite mixture of blues, rock, soul, jazz and world music, Derek Truck and his band demonstrated to be instrumentally highly accomplished, and a closely knit band, capable of creating heavenly music, Derek himself known as a unique slide guitarist.”

2. The Derek Trucks Band (1997)

The Derek Trucks Band – The Derek Trucks Band (2007, CD) - Discogs

“The songs borrowed from jazz are my favorites on this album. I love rock, the blues, and jazz, and of course the blending of those influences is what made the Allman Brothers Band so great. I disagree with some of the other negative reviews of this release, saying that it was Derek’s humble beginnings. These arrangements sound great after hours of listening.

1. Joyful Noise (2002)

The Derek Trucks Band – Joyful Noise (2016, 180 gram, Vinyl) - Discogs

“This is an eclectic album with lots of wild guitar and flute playing and a variety of vocalists and instrumentals. The grooves are tasty and far from boring. All of the performances are fabulous, and the band is completely tight even as they incorporate completely different sounds and styles on every track.”