The Distance Songs Ranked

The Distance is the twelfth studio album by US-American rock singer Bob Seger. It was released in the final week of 1982 (see 1982 in music). It peaked at #5 on Billboard’s album chart and sold close to two million copies in the United States. The album’s lead single, “Shame on the Moon”, was one of Seger’s biggest hits, holding at #2 for four weeks on the Billboard Hot 100. It also hit #1 Adult Contemporary and crossed over to #15 Country. Capitol Records had stopped manufacturing albums in the 8-track tape cartridge format by the time this album was released. However, Seger asked the label to include that format for this album, knowing that many of his fans still used 8-track players. Here are all of The Distance songs ranked.

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9. Even Now

“We begin with the stellar Us Top 20 hit hard rocker “Even Now” which featured Roy Bittan of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band on piano and former Eagle Don Felder on electric guitar.”

8. Little Victories

“Little Victories” could not have ended this album better. Lyrics that stand out in your head for years after your first listen with a steady power. Heavy drums and loud squealing guitars dominate the composition.”

7. Makin’ Thunderbirds

“You know how many of the rock bands from the 70’s had trouble finding an appropriate sound once the 80’s rolled around? You know, a sound that can make the band maintain their level of enjoyment while updating the sound of the 80’s and still being *good*? Bob Seger apparently didn’t have any problem with the change, as many of the songs contain that same feeling of enjoyment that the previous Seger albums from the 70’s did”

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6. Comin’ Home

 “Comin’ Home” is a sweet ballad about someone going away…blowing it…and finally coming back home. COMIN’ HOME is the pre-swan song “calm” song”

The night moves for Bob Seger under a full moon at Virginia Beach - Daily  Press

5. Boomtown Blues

 “Boomtown Blues” is also a little close to home (in Seger’s case anyway) “You can’t miss that freezing rain, you’d have to be insane, to head back north and go through all that again.”

4. House Behind a House

“House Behind A House” gets us back into that lonely wailing quality that this album offers, but this time backed with a fast-paced rock and roll force.  “House Behind a House” which rocks and has Bob and Danny Kortchmar on guitars”

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3. Shame on the Moon

“Shame on the Moon” although written by Rodney Crowell is instantly a classic the moment you hear it. SHAME ON THE MOON is a nice country ballad written by Rodney Crowell.”

2. Roll Me Away

“Side Two starts off a little more hopeful so to speak. “Roll Me Away” is American heartland rock freedom in a nutshell. It became a staple for motorcycle trip soundtracks for decades.”

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1. Love’s the Last to Know

“The first half ends with another ballad “Love’s the Last to Know” which is one of Bob’s best ballads and again has Bill Payne on piano and Elton John guitarist Davey Johnstone on acoustic guitar.”