The War on Drugs Songs Ranked

The War on Drugs is an American rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, formed in 2005. The band consists of Adam Granduciel (vocals, guitar), David Hartley (bass guitar), Robbie Bennett (keyboards), Charlie Hall (drums), Jon Natchez (saxophone, keyboards), and Anthony LaMarca (guitar). The band’s third album, Lost in the Dream, was released in 2014 following extensive touring and a period of loneliness and depression for primary songwriter Granduciel. The album was released to widespread critical acclaim and increased exposure. Previous collaborator Hall joined the band as its full-time drummer during the recording process, with saxophonist Natchez and additional guitarist LaMarca accompanying the band for its world tour. Signing to Atlantic Records, the six-piece band released their fourth album, A Deeper Understanding, in 2017, which won the Grammy Award for Best Rock Album at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards. Here are all of The War on Drugs songs ranked.

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12. Disappearing (Lost in the Dream, 2014)

“This is a really good song, because you can headbang to it and it also has a great meaning. You fall in love with this song the first time you hear it; it’s the song that got me into this band.”

11. Under the Pressure (Lost in the Dream, 2014)

“This is the best of the best rocking song I have ever heard. I love this song very very much, I hear it every day 2 to 3 times”

10. Holding On (A Deeper Understanding, 2017)

“This song is one of the songs that makes you forget all the sorrow and makes you wanna jump and ‘ headbang! Come on man, who wouldn’t love such a song?!”

9. Up All Night (A Deeper Understanding, 2017)

“Everyone who listens to this song knows even for one time knows the lyrics this song is so catchy and its really really good everyone who I told to listen to this sing it along with me every day its awesome”

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8. An Ocean Between the Waves (Lost in the Dream, 2014)

“This is such a beautiful song. Extremely touching lyrics 😀 And also describes a story.. A story which is left unsaid by many people.. MUST LISTEN and feel the music”

7. Thinking of a Place (A Deeper Understanding, 2017)

“This song can be described with one word: AMAZING! The lyrics in combination with powerful music is just… Wow! Should be on one.”

6. Strangest Thing (A Deeper Understanding, 2017)

“This is one of the most exhilarating rock songs ever. It just lightens you up. he vocals are amazing the music is even more awesome and the chorus is all-ending!”

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5. Nothing to Find (A Deeper Understanding, 2017)

“Its packed with Adrenaline just makes you wanna bang your head on the wall! Definitely on of their best.You wont regret if you Listen to it.!”

4. Pain (A Deeper Understanding, 2017)

“This is an amazing song, just too amazing if I may elaborate. I don’t know why this song is so down in the list. The vocals are total, amazing, and the way the music blends with the vocals.”

3. Eyes to the Wind (Lost in the Dream, 2014)

“That’s their best song ever, I’m sure that there’s nobody who can say that the song’s bad. Awesome tune. Better than many of the other ones due to it’s more meaningful lyrics.”

2. In Reverse (Lost in the Dream, 2014)

“First time I listened to this song, my jaw dropped! The way the guitar and the vocals blend in together is amazing!”

1. Red Eyes (Lost in the Dream, 2014)

“Best song. Best meaning of any song but also even without listening to the lyrics, it has the best blend of going hard and quiet, which creates a really cool feeling”