Time Well Wasted Songs Ranked

Time Well Wasted is the fourth studio album released by American country music artist Brad Paisley. It was released on August 16, 2005, on Arista Nashville. It was the Country Music Association’s Album of the Year for 2006. The album produced the singles “Alcohol”, “When I Get Where I’m Going”, “The World”, and “She’s Everything”. “Alcohol” was a number 4 hit on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, while the other three singles were all Number Ones. “Waitin’ on a Woman” was re-recorded in mid-2008 as a bonus track for Paisley’s 5th Gear album, and this re-recording was issued in June 2008 as a single. Here are all of Time Well Wasted songs ranked.

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10. You Need a Man Around Here

“You Need a Man Around Here” shows that he’s pretty perceptive when he sings about a woman’s place needing a bass on the wall, beer, Maxim and Field & Stream magazines, and someone to kill the spiders.”

9. Easy Money

“Easy Money” is an upbeat, party dance song, about a band whose members used to have modest-paying, ordinary jobs, but now they are raking in the money by playing music shows at clubs. Next, Brad Paisley includes an instrumental in this album, another regular practice of his.”

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8. Rainin’ You

“The slow and soft “Rainin’ You”, in which rain comes to symbolize the girl he used to have. He would like it to rain because it feels like he’s with her when he stands out in the rain.”

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7. Flowers

“Flowers” is that traditional country song about losing that woman and boy is it a good song to listen to. “Love is Never-Ending” is a fun song on the album and helps to bring a different flare.”

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6. Out in the Parkin’ Lot

“Out in the Parkin’ Lot” features Alan Jackson and is a great “road trip” song for any long drive…it’s a good song and adds a different flare to the album.”

5. She’s Everything

“She’s Everything”, the fourth single and a current hit on the country charts, a soft, slow pick in which the man describes his woman in numerous metaphorical terms: everyting he wanted, for many pastimes and in numerous roles, that she will always be his woman.”

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4. Waitin’ on a Woman

“Waitin’ On A Woman” is a soft, traditional country track in which the man tells the story of waiting for a woman in several situations: joining him on a date; the wedding day; and in heaven, waiting for her to come later. Instrumental sections can be found in the middle and at the ending parts.”

3. The World

“Against a backdrop of a fast thumping beat, hurried fiddle, and guitar, “The World” (the 3rd single released) tells his girl that she means the world to him, even though others know her as just another (fill in the blank here) as though she is just one in the crowd.”

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2. Alcohol

“Alcohol”, the first single from this album to be released. In a slow waltz rhythm, this piece is sung in a first person manner as if alcohol was a live character, listing all of the things this ingredient can make a person do, or the results of those actions, the good times and some consequences.”

1. When I Get Where I’m Going

 “When I Get Where I’m Going” follows, a soft, traditional ballad duet with Dolly Parton, and the second chart hit from this album. This song contemplates what it will be like after he’s gone to heaven and left behind the painful life on earth. This is sort of a sequal to the preceding track and has a religious tone.”