What You See IS What You Get Songs Ranked

What You See Is What You Get is the second studio album by American country music singer Luke Combs, released on November 8, 2019, through River House Artists and Columbia Nashville. It includes all five songs previously featured on the 2019 EP The Prequel, including the singles “Beer Never Broke My Heart” and “Even Though I’m Leaving” in addition to the track “1, 2 Many” (a collaboration with Brooks & Dunn), the single “Does to Me”, and later the promotional single “Six Feet Apart”. Combs toured North America throughout the remainder of 2019 and was to headline the C2C: Country to Country festival in Europe in 2020 in promotion of the album, however the festival was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Six singles from the album, “Beer Never Broke My Heart”, “Even Though I’m Leaving”, “Does to Me”, “Lovin’ on You”, “Better Together”, and “Forever After All”, reached number-one on the BillboardCountry Airplay chart. Here are all What You See IS What You Get songs ranked.

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10. Better Together

“Now to be completely fair, at the time I’m not sure anyone could have predicted how fast Luke Combs would rise in the cultural conversation, especially off of the badly produced, overmixed clunkers that passed for many of his singles.”

9. All Over Again

“Honestly, if there’s an album that’s the definition of Trailing Edge material, it’d probably be this new project from Luke Combs – an album that seems weapon-targeted at the silent majority meat-and-potatoes mainstream country audience, but in playing so middlebrow leaves me little to say or really analyze.”

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8. Does to Me

“Really good. It can get a little long in the tooth at times, but most songs have at least something to grab onto, so it never bottoms out despite its length.”

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7. Dear Today

“I love every single song on this album! Most of the times there will only be a couple of songs on the album that are really good. On the is album EVERY single song is a hit!”

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6. Reasons

“I especially love how some of them a recorded raw I love that! Luke Combs you are amazing and what you do and so very talented! Thank you for making amazing music.”

5. Blue Collar Boys

“Luke Combs is the best…every song he writes and sings is a hit. I can’t get enough of his music. He really knows how to keep his fans thirsting for more awesome music and this album is nothing but the best!”

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4. Moon Over Mexico

“I do not think that Luke Combs can write or sing a bad song. His new album was an inspiration. I love how all seventeen songs told a story. You can jam out to every song no matter the time or place. His voice will take you to an old country road. Listening to Luke Combs will make anyone a country music lover!”

3. Even Though I’m Leaving

“Love it, I really enjoy the way Luke switches back and forth from happy, drinking, songs that make me want to dance to the quieter more tender songs about family. Keeps a nice flow so you don’t get in a slump with either style.”

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2. Beer Never Broke My Heart

“One of the best CDs of the year. What you see is what you get is the Bomb Luke Combs is a fantastic singer. This In my opinion is his best one yet. I recommend this cd for a night of camping, dancing and a hay ride with all your friends on a hot summer night.”

1. What You See Is What You Get

“Like, like, like every song on this CD. Every song a winner!!! Luke writes great lyrics and his band is so, so, so good. Talented musicians!! If you are a Luke Coombs fan you’ll love it. If you’re not a fan yet…you will be!!!”