This One’s For You Songs Ranked

This One’s for You is the debut studio album by American country music singer Luke Combs. It was released on June 2, 2017, through Columbia Nashville. It was No. 1 on the Top Country Albums chart for 50 weeks, a record for a male artist on this chart. The album includes the singles “Hurricane”, “When It Rains It Pours”, and “One Number Away”. A deluxe reissue titled This One’s for You Too was released June 1, 2018, and featured five new tracks to commemorate the album’s first anniversary. Two of these tracks, “She Got the Best of Me” and “Beautiful Crazy”, were also issued as singles. Here are all of This One’s For You songs ranked.

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12. Honky Tonk Highway

“Refreshing artist and very talented. He has a great mix of songs on this CD from your slower ballads to Outlaw country. Some tracks remind me of Southern Rock only they are more country influenced.”

11. Be Careful What You Wish For

“Amazing album! Every song will get you dancing and singing along. Luke Combs has a great voice and writes great songs. I hope this is a taste of things to come.”

10. When It Rains It Pours

“Luke Combs is keeping country alive with every song he writes, especially with this album,This One’s for You. When it Rains it Pours made it to first on the charts, following with Hurricane making it to third and selling 15,000 copies in the first week of being out. “

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9. One Number Away

“There is a trending current wave of the expected male country artist that are extremely mainstream. It’s a tale as old as time, the jocks vs the nerds and it’s happening now in Country music.”

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8. Beer Can

“The tracks on the album are about real life and how things really happen at times and it’s enjoyable to someone famous and see how his life was before fame. Each song is a hit in its own way.”

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7. Memories Are Made Of

“Luke Combs is a refreshing gem in the midst of modern country, and I’m super glad to see his latest single getting the radio play that it is. Pure sound and emotion from a guy with a beard who just delivers every song with a genuine sense of himself, and that’s something that hasn’t hit me this hard (in a good way) since the early days of Miranda Lambert and Eric Church that basically brought me back to the genre.”

6. Out There

“What a great talent. Luke Combs put it all out there with the release of this incredible album. Not a bad song on here. A voice that stays with you the more you listen to it. Driving 10 hours was easy with many very upbeat, storytelling songs.”

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5. Lonely One

“Much of the album relies on familiar country themes, but without coming across as played out. Combs takes a bit of a risk by offering his own take on the “wise bartender” story line on “Lonely One.” It’s a theme that, honestly, is hard to tackle considering how few times it’s been done well “

4. Hurricane

“I first heard about Luke Combs on CMT when his “Hurricane” video was in regular rotation. I liked the sound of his voice and Hurricane quickly hooked me. It can be risky buying an album just after hearing one song but I have no regrets about this purchase decision.”

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3. Don’t Tempt Me

“I already knew most of the songs on the album but I’m very impressed with the studio versions of these songs. Luke is an up-and-coming Country Megastar. This album really shows off his vocal qualities and songwriting skills.”

2. This One’s for You

“The title track “This One’s for You” is a beer-raising toast to early believers, parents, friends and band-mates who helped send Combs on this crazy ride to stardom. Other songs on the album do have a slightly formulaic feel to them, that formula, best described as being “low sung verses and rising choruses.””

1. I Got Away With You

“Luke Combs is pure country and there is only catchy gems here. His song selection on this album is truly impressive. Quickly, his songs are on my current playlist and playing nearly nonstop for months now.”