Evil Empire Songs Ranked

Evil Empire is the second studio album by American rock band Rage Against the Machine, released on April 16, 1996 by Epic Records. Its title refers to a term used in the early 1980s by President Ronald Reagan and many American conservatives to describe the former Soviet Union. Evil Empire debuted at number 1 on the US Billboard 200, and their song “Tire Me” won a 1996 Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance; “Bulls on Parade” and “People of the Sun” were also nominated for Grammys for Best Hard Rock Performance. The album was certified 3x platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America on May 24, 2000. Here are all Evil Empire songs ranked.

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11. Roll Right

“OK, this isn’t bad at all. Tom really shines here, as does Tim Bob. Zack shines again here. A combination of People Of The Sun and Down Rodeo, kind of. It’s not a favourite, but it’s listenable.”

10. Wind Below

“Longest song on the album. Although it does tend to drag on, it’s got a pretty cool guitar riff, courtesy of our dear friend, Mr. Tom Morello. Zack’s vocals really make it seem like a lullaby when it becomes soft, but the chorus really makes him shine.”

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9. Without a Face

“Not bad. Just doesn’t seem as good as the likes of Tire Me and Bulls On Parade. But still, you just can’t skip it. The mixing of the bass and drums on the hook to ‘Without a Face’ are slightly too loud, actively jumble the song’s sense of bite”

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8. Snakecharmer

“Snakecharmer” is very catchy. It has a lunging beat with stop-start riffs, at the end of which Zach yells “Yeah!” Plus, there’s a small hand drum solo thrown in, as well. It’s nice, It’s a fast song with a lot of screaming, much like Revolver, but shorter, heavier and more creative lyrics. Another standout.”

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7. Revolver

“Revolver” begins with a low, humming noise, before the guitars and the beat explode around forty seconds in. Zach is, at first, almost whispering, and I enjoy the almost galloping beat which leads into the chorus (which has some downshifting riffs and more of Zach’s famous yells). I also enjoy the ten second, thumping bass drum solo following the second chorus.”

6. Year of Tha Boomerang

“Nice, we end on a good song. Although not as memorable as Freedom, or the latter War Within A Breath from Battle of L.A., it really shines here. Screaming and rapping again.”

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5. Tire Me

“3 minutes exact. This is the closest song to being much like 13 Steps To Nowhere from Pantera’s Great Southern Trendkill. Perfect, but just loses to Down Rodeo. Still good. Zack really makes this a different Rage. This is the only song that even comes close to being heavy metal”

4. Vietnow

“Well, it’s not too bad, but it’s very average. A bit like Take The Power Back, only less good. Unfortunately it’s my least favourite.”

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3. Down Rodeo

“Nice guitars. A pretty good tune. Nice screaming near the end. It’s a very creative song, that doesn’t drag on, despite the fact that it’s 5:20. It’s a perfect song. 3rd favourite with Revolver. “

2. People of the Sun

“People of the Sun” has a famous opening guitar riff and an unusually loud, beeping bass. Zach eventually launches into the first verse, which is a very political tirade about the Mexican people’s revolution against the government. Tom makes some sound effects, letting Zach run wild-filling this song to the brim with angry rapping. This is more of a rap song than metal.”

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1. Bulls on Parade

“Bulls on Parade” is one of Rage’s most recognizable songs. It has groovy, “ner nah ner” sounding guitar noise, which periodically change to wah-wah guitar riffs, and more pissed off rapping (about people who run around shooting everybody else). The real highlight to me, here, is the guitar solo. What is that guy doing to his fret board?!”