Foo Fighters Self Titled Album Songs Ranked

Foo Fighters is the debut studio album by American rock band Foo Fighters, released on July 4, 1995, through Roswell and Capitol Records. Dave Grohl wrote and recorded the entire album himself, apart from a guest guitar spot by Greg Dulli, with the assistance of producer Barrett Jones at Robert Lang Studios in Seattle, Washington, in 1994. He claimed that he recorded the album just for fun, describing it as a cathartic experience to recover from the suicide of Nirvana bandmate Kurt Cobain. Upon its release, Foo Fighters earned positive reviews, praising its songwriting and performances, and was also a commercial success, becoming the band’s second-best-selling album in the United States. It also peaked within the top five charts of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Here are all of Foo Fighters Self Titled Album songs ranked.

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12. Oh, George

“A more laid-back song with a similar tempo and riff to “Big Me”. A slower song, this is where the album starts to go into a somewhat decline, but not much. Not exactly my favorite on the album.”

11. Floaty

“An absolutely brilliant intro really marks this song for me. A great song, with some good riffs and good singing by Dave. Only Dave Grohl can write a song about balloon people and can still pull it off and make it sound good.”

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10. Wattershed

“A hard rock song that backlashes at the pigheadedness of the music industry, and it also talks about Nirvana. This one definitely has a killer riff to start it off, and then some great riffs as well after that. Probably the most energetic song on the album, and is one that I never skip.”

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9. Weenie Beenie

“This could have been a killer song in my opinion had Dave sung normally instead that screaming effect, especially with the great guitar riffs all throughout the song.

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8. X-Static

“Amazing guitar in this, especially in the intro. Nice soft vocals from Grohl, good drums and lyrics. One of the Foo’s best and joint best song on album. “All the static, we all left”.

7. Good Grief

“Another favourite of mine; fast paced song with all instruments being perfect. Some inspiring lyrics too “Missed all of the sideways. Gull and noun”. This could have been a hit with the punk-pop crowd. Catchy garage sound with a laid-back verse, then turns into a total screaming chorus.”

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6. Big Me

“This song was a smash hit in 1996. Dave Grohl claimed this song to be a “piss take” (parody) on squeaky clean nerd pop-rock and commercial jingles, hence the famous “Mentos” video.”

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4. Alone Easy Target

“Another good song, with a relaxed verse, and then a fiery and strong chorus which is the highlight of the song. Not to skipped. This song sounds like Kurt Cobain could have co-written it. Nirvanesque sound and lyrics like “Metronome/I want out”? Hmmmmm…”

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3. For All the Cows

“A much different song from anything else on the album, but it is a great song. The thunderous chorus is definitely a highlight of this album. The lyrics are funny and clever, and I can really relate. It’s catchy, and a little jazzy at times.”

2. This is a Call

“Loud and driving but somehow casual and breezy, this one-man show from Dave Grohl remains one of the ‘band’s’ best and catchiest singles. It’s slightly unique in that normally their uptempo songs are assertive or earnest in some way – the mood of this one is basically just some fun abandon even if the music has a bit of that urgent sound. A good antidote to some of the usual air of dad-rock about their material.”

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1. I’ll Stick Around

” Another single, and the best song on the album in my opinion. Starting with the awesome intro riff, and then the more relaxed verse. Everything about this song is awesome. The emotional lyrics in the song deal with the sensitive subject of Kurt’s death from Grohl’s point of view as a concerned friend.”