Garth Brooks Self Titled Album Songs Ranked

Garth Brooks is the debut studio album of American country music artist Garth Brooks, released on April 12, 1989 through Capitol Nashville. It was both a critical and chart success, peaking at #13 on the Billboard 200 and at #2 on the Top Country Albums chart. The album has been certified diamond by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for shipments over ten million copies. This album was released in April 1989, in the States. Definitely scared to death. I thought the album was very very innocent. And I gotta be truthful with you, every time I hear those songs off the radio or off the album itself, or even when we play them live. I really get that same kind of scared feeling, that I had, way back in 1988, and 1989. Whether you get the album or not, or whether you have the album or not. Thanks, for just, the interest. That first album is always a big one for any artist and I, without trying to sound egotistical, I’m very proud of my first one. Here are all of Garth Brooks Self Titled Album songs ranked.

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10. Alabama Clay

“It may not be as recognizable as his later stuff or as toe tapping, but Garth Brooks’ debut, Garth Brooks has long been one of my favorites of his. Perhaps the inexperience and lack of fame are cause for this, perhaps not (although this album achieved enormous success).”

9. The Dance

“The Dance”, Garth’s biggest hit and signature piece, is almost a reflection of “If Tomorrow Never Comes”. This song has one of the most poignant messages of truth in it that has ever been spoken, and the words express it so clearly”

Garth Brooks

8. Everytime That It Rains

“This is intelligent, finely crafted, high-quality country music, and Garth’s smooth and rich vocals, and the superb musicianship of his band makes this one of the most auspicious “firsts” I’ve ever heard, and an essential CD in my collection.”

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7. I Know One

“It’s difficult to assess this album on its own merits given the enormity of Garth Brooks’ career and the 100 million albums he has now sold. This CD introduced a talented and exciting new artist to country music, and although some critics have highlighted this CD as the beginning of the end of traditional country”

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6. If Tomorrow Never Comes

“After several years as a small-time bar singer, Garth Brooks burst upon the American country scene in 1989 with this self-named album, produced by Don Williams’ producer, Allen Reynolds.”

5. Nobody Gets Off in This Town

“There’s nothing here that would lead you to suspect just how big Garth Brooks would become, a juggernaut on par (in terms of sales) with Elvis and The Beatles. Garth here is pretty decent, but not remarkable (at least, not in 1989).”

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4. I’ve Got a Good Thing Going

“I’ve Got a Good Thing Going” details a relationship falling apart because the narrator’s lover wants to leave California and go back home to Oklahoma (a song I can sometimes relate too). “

3. Cowboy Bill

“My favorite song on this album is one that has never been released as a single. If you call your favorite radio station they won’t be able to play it for you. You have to find and buy the album to be able to listen to “Cowboy Bill”. This song is a great sweeping story of young boys and their hero. “

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2. Not Counting You

“Not Counting You”, the only self-penned song here, is an uptempo honky tonk romp. With his debut (his most unremarkable album), Garth hasn’t really come into his own in terms of that perfect mixture of rock/country/pop he so successfully perfected on later albums. “Garth Brooks” is by far the most straight up traditional record Garth ever recorded. About half the album is neo-traditional country.”

1. Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)

“The first hit (Much too young) made the country top ten while giving a massive boost the career of a hitherto obscure singer called Chris LeDoux, who get a mention in the lyrics.”