Hybrid Theory Songs Ranked

Hybrid Theory is the debut studio album by American rock band Linkin Park, released on October 24, 2000, through Warner Bros. Records. Recorded at NRG Recordings in North Hollywood, California, and produced by Don Gilmore, the album’s lyrical themes deal with problems lead vocalist Chester Bennington experienced during his adolescence, including drug abuse and the constant fighting and divorce of his parents. Hybrid Theory takes its title from the previous name of the band as well as the concept of music theory and combining different styles. This is also the only album where bassist Dave Farrell does not play on. On August 13, 2020, Warner Records announced a re-release of Hybrid Theory for its 20th anniversary. A previously unreleased demo song, “She Couldn’t”, was put out at the same time. Here are all of Hybrid Theory songs ranked.

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12. Cure for the Itch

“It’s finally come Joe Hahn’s time to shine, he’s really good on “Cure For The Itch”, takes the lead and creates beautiful lines of electronic beats that remind the hip hop of the 90s, I felt a trip hop influence on the beats too, this is the most different and experimental music on the record, it’s very welcome to oxygenate and bring more lyrical richness for the album.”

11. By Myself

“By Myself” brings a very welcome break of rhythm, with industrial metal influence, it’s a track that dares more with some experimentation, the factory noise with Chester’s screams and the firm presence of the guitars deliver an excellent song.”

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10. Forgotten

“Forgotten” has hallucinating vocal changes, making the music very dynamic, including Brad Delson’s guitar has moments of more highlights with powerful arrangements, another great song.”

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9. Runaway

“It’s very pleasurable when a song grows on you after a while, it creates a new meaning, and that’s what happened to me on “Runaway”, it’s the track I like to listen to the most these days, it’s very explosive and has an extremely addictive chorus, you can’t sit still listening, Chester’s characteristic screams are very present here. In the band’s first shows, before they became famous, this was the fans’ favorite song, they always talked about it at shows, but when they broke out commercially the song unfortunately lost its prominence, at least to a great mass, because for me it is one of the main ones on the album.”

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8. With You

“The beats of Joe Hahn, the band’s DJ, on “With You”show that it’s not just there for decoration, the electronic part provides a fundamental support for the record, it’s an aid that serves as a ladder for other elements to shine, this element would be more used in future albums. The chorus of the song is very catchy, every time I hear it I feel like singing, it’s a song that has a very nu metal face.”

7. Pushing Me Away

“Hybrid Theory ends with “Pushing Me Away” , one of the great highlights of the album for me, it couldn’t end better, Mike Shinoda defines this song as a daughter of “Crawling”, and really remember, it has a similar structure, a more part melodic and explosive, even the lyrics, which are very personal, speak of a relationship based on lies that is about to collapse.”

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6. A Place for My Head

“A Place For My Head”it’s one more proof of the excellent chemistry between Chester and Mike, the two complement each other very well, and when it reaches the end the vocal starts to get whispered and then the music explodes with enormous intensity it’s very contagious, aided by the great lines from below Dave Farrell.”

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5. Points of Authority

“Points of Authority” maintains the excellent level of the album, has a groove in line with traditional hip hop, curiously the producer who was very demanding and complained about the band’s creative line had liked the song’s demo.”

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4. Crawling

“Crawling”is the most introspective and human song on disco, Chester opened his heart and revealed his pains and insecurities, it’s noticeable that he talks a lot about himself in the lyrics, it’s also where he shows all his talent and vocal power. In 2017 a beautiful and moving acoustic version of the song was released, the first time I heard it I cried with emotion, it gained a whole heavy meaning behind after her death, and in the lyrics written in 2000 you can already understand that a lot was going through his mind at that time, the song talks about abuse and the wounds left in the violated people.”

3. One Step Closer

“Points of Authority” maintains the excellent level of the album, has a groove in line with traditional hip hop, curiously the producer who was very demanding and complained about the band’s creative line had liked the song’s demo.”

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2. Papercut

“The album starts with everything, “Papercut” is a blast at the door, it has Mike’s best verses and rhymes, with great firmness and speed, it starts with an insane beat then comes the weight of the guitars that bring a strong base to rap, the The lyrics talk about how often our paranoias dominate us, and that with each mistake our conscience is there to judge us and point the finger.”

1. In the End

“The biggest hit of the album and the band’s career together with Numb, Mike once again brings a very well elaborated rhyme and a lot of presence, the music has a more melodic and radiophonic side, you can understand why it was so successful, the piano notes are really nice too.”