Spectres Songs Ranked

Spectres is the fifth studio album by U.S. hard rock band Blue Öyster Cult, released in October 1977. The album features one of the band’s biggest hits, concert staple “Godzilla,” and was certified gold in January 1978. The cover art features Blue Öyster Cult’s use of lasers in their live show at that time. A remastered version was released on February 13, 2007, which included four previously unreleased outtakes from the Spectres sessions as bonus tracks. Here are all of Spectres songs ranked.

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10. Searchin’ for Celine

“:Laniers 1st song is one of 2 that ive had the most trouble with over the years, but now i love it !!! Totally different to the rest of the album(accusations of ‘disco-ish’ have been thrown at this track), but with its bright poppy beat, it kinda just nags away at you. To like it, that is!!!!”

9. Celestial the Queen

“Joe Bouchards 1st tune & the 2nd track that has taken its time to reveal its unique charm! The re-master hugely improved my appreciation of another overlooked song. BTW, joe shoulda sung more lead vocals!!! Great synth work by Lanier as well.”

Rock & Roll Beltane: The Summer of Love & Death in Blue Oyster Cult's ' Spectres' - Diabolique Magazine

8. Death Valley Nights

“It has a ghost town-like verse melody with the moody singing style, and the spooky piano bits combined with an upbeat chorus really make the tune special to me. Very unusual.”

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7. Goin’ Through the Motions

“Eric Bloom and Ian Hunter wrote this little pop-rock masterpiece. I know a lot of people don’t care for this song, but it really is a very enjoyable song.(kind of the direction they were going into for their following album “Mirrors”). Great interplay between Allen’s keyboards and Buck’s guitar.”

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6. Golden Age of Leather

“This prog-ish multi-part mini operatic epic is one of the overlooked classics of this album. Fantastic arrangement & vocal enchancements (A boys choir) make this even by their own standards, unique.”

5. Fireworks

“The 2nd Albert classic. Killer impassioned vocal & celestial harmonies, beautiful piano melody & well structured arrangement make this song very special indeed. Pity it never got more exposure in the live arena.”

Don't Fear (The Reaper) — how a cowbell lifted Blue Öyster Cult's track to  another level — FT.com

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4. I Love the Night

“This song would have to be the most exquisitely arranged track of the whole B.O.C catalogue. A guitar masterclass from Buck, this haunting track never fails to entrance you every time you hear it.”

3. R. U. Ready 2 Rock

“”R.U. Ready 2 Rock” reminds me of Black Sabbath’s “Rock and Roll Doctor” or anything the band KISS might have been creating at the time. Some people will call it “sell out” rock, but it’s catchy, so I’m happy with it.”

Blue Oyster Cult - Cult Classic CD. Heavy Harmonies Discography

2. Nosferatu

“Joe B’s Epic that is this shimmering evocative Vampire ode. Huge production, stunning arrangements, intense guitar work make this another classic in their vast canyon of work. A major way to finish the album.”

1. Godzilla

“Shout it, dont just say it !!! Most guitarists would give their left testie to come up with a great riff like this… Everything about this stomper screams big. Big riff, big vocals etc. Very tasty midsection spoken section (bloom learnt japanese especially for this song-and subsequent tour).”